1. BigAlexS

    Boiler pressure keeps going up

    Hi It's been ten years since I had my Valiant combi boiler looked at, it had been working perfectly fine, but I thought now is the time to get it serviced... big mistake.... A young gentleman came around to look at it. The first thing he did was remove the vertical pipe cover, and bashed one...
  2. LarryLeveen

    OVAL shaped sink drain

    Changing the drain and pop-up for a bathroom sink. Whoa, the hole in the bottom of the sink is not round, but rather OVAL in shape (good grief, can NOTHING be simple in this house?!). The seal from the old drain clearly shows that it has been mated (under the pressure of a locknut) into a...
  3. tbh8644

    Sewer line. Needing advice!

    Hello, New to this forum so I'm hoping I'm posting in the right area. This past weekend our sewer pipe in our basement began to leak. Due to all other plumbers being busy we hesitantly called RotoRooter who did an over priced snake of the drain but did pull out debris. They said they couldn't...
  4. Owen Broady

    Shower valve threaded connection leaking

    Hi Gents, I sweat in a new shower valve and I didn't pressure test the water inputs until I had finished all the copper and set the valve in place. So I tested the system and I have a very small leak coming from the right threaded connection to the shower valve body. It is not coming from the...
  5. Art CUdmore

    Grease at residential well casing.

    I just noticed water in the area around my well casing. I could not see exactly where the leak was coming from, nothing obvious at the above ground joints, but there is a pile of watery grey grease that is building up next to the casing. The pile of grease is about 3" high which seems like a...
  6. arnold9289

    Moentrol, No water coming out of spouts

    Okay so, my shower was working, but the knob area was leaking. So my husband and I got a new bathtub set. When my husband took the old stuff off, there was not water spraying everywhere (he didn't shut the water off) and he claims he touched nothing. We are def not plumbers but have general...
  7. rgraves

    How to fix ceiling stain from a leak

    We had a toilet leaking upstairs from the water intake valve and it made a stain on the ceiling below (see attached photo). We got the leak fixed as soon as we saw it. Not sure if it was leaking for a while or just that morning. You can also see some water has got between the floor joist and...
  8. Sammy - NYP

    Children's Center: Solution for flushing wipes

    Plumbing Novice here! I run a large networks of daycares in a large city. Even if we do not provide wipes in the bathrooms and changing tables, nannies and moms still throw wipes and whole diapers down the drain. Pipes at many of the locations are constantly ruined, overflowing, or causing...
  9. Water girl

    Hidden leak? Help!

    First, thanks to anyone for help! I'm trying to find what seems like a hidden leak, I can't figure out what's going on, ive been hearing running water coming from the upstairs shower wall, my water bill's tripled, my less than 2 yr old water heater sounds like running water 24/7... Here's a more...
  10. jimsimm

    Water coming into basement around the sewer drain

    Last year I had my clay sewer drain replaced with PVC from the inside out to the street. Now, when it rains heavy, water comes in the basement from around the PVC where it exits the home (about 4 ft. below grade). I called the plumber back, he dug up the exterior and supposedly used hydraulic...
  11. imfrantic

    Small leak into bowl of one-piece American Standard

    I have an American Standard one-piece elongated Lexington (331 2006) that has water leaking into the bowl and causing quick phantom flushing. The leak is coming from a couple of the rim flush holes closest to the tank. I've replaced the the entire tilt-valve assembly (everything including the...
  12. mmnewcomb

    Bradford White T&P Flange Leak

    So I think I may already know the bad news here, but I figured I would ask anyway. I have a townhouse that I rent out. In said townhouse is a Bradford White 40gal 40k BTU water heater (Model No. MI403S6FBN4, not that that matters) that was installed approx. 10 years ago. Yesterday my tenants...
  13. Terry

    Champion 4 Max tank crack leaking

    The customer called about an American Standard Champion 4 Max that had water on the floor. There was water to the right of the toilet near the back wall on the vinyl flooring. The clear caulking around the bowl was still clear, it turns white if there is a leaking wax seal. It took a while to...
  14. ConradRichard

    Name This Faucet

    Trying to find the brand name for this faucet, we think it is from the 80's. Need to fix the shower diverter and want to find parts for hot/cold too.
  15. Aurelia

    Vaseline to fix Gasket Leaking(?)

    Hello, I live in a 13 year old apartment and the original toilet is an Eljer brand. Downstairs unit had some water leak through their ceiling a few days ago and is guessing it's coming from our toilet. Supervisors came in and flushed the toilet a few times, but no new water appeared downstairs...
  16. Livatx

    Toilet help - leak where tank meets bowl when flushed

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help solve this toilet issue I ran into doing a DIY fix. The back story - the toilet was running all the time and not fully flushing so a few months ago we simply shut it off and used the other bathroom. Today I installed the Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve & Flapper...
  17. Daryle Lewis

    Cracked PVC 90 undergound

    Hello all, I am needing some advice. First let say I am very familiar with plumbing. Grew up doing it with my dad. However, I fortunately do no have to make many repairs, but today is the first of this kind for me. My fiance came outside her house and water was bubbling up out of the ground...
  18. JohnDD

    Water Main Leak

    House is 20 years old. This is the first leak. Location Orlando, Florida. Consensus is exceptionally hard water in central Florida. Pinhole leak at entry point in outside wall about 2 inches in. Busted required material away from pipe, and was advised a piece of hard rubber over the leak area...
  19. Mastsh12

    Sloan M-101526-f3 Vacuum Breaker leaking

    Hey Folks, I'm up at my folks place for Fathers day and they asked me to take a look at the leaking guest room toilet. I replaced the duckbill valve in the upper supply group about 6 months ago the last time it was dribbling. Well, now the dribble is coming out of the vacuum breaker...
  20. gh0st

    Remove Kohler Tub Spout

    Hi all, I am having a leak in our kitchen ceiling which is on the first floor. Above the leak is our second floor tub. The leak is coming from our spout and\or our single handle lever. The lever and spout are both Kohler. I found a similar post here...
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