1. Brian Kehlmeier

    Replace supply lines regularly on toilets and faucets?

    I have always seen the advice to regularly replace the supply lines for faucets and toilets. I actually had a polybutylene pipe burst overnight and woke up to a inch of water in our slab-home. I replaced every supply line in my current home when I moved in 6 years ago. I used the metal...
  2. SHAWN hansen

    Single knob shower faucet leak. Please helpleak, shower, batch

    So I have a single knob shower faucet that is leaking bad. I dont see any brand name on it or any info at all. I want to fix it but have no clue on what part i need for the core. Also i removed the center screw from the handle and it doesn't come off. Could it just be stuck or is there something...
  3. Mattroy

    Replacing rubber gasket in bath tub drain

    Greetings all, I am replacing the rubber gasket and putty in my cast iron bathtub to stop a leak and notified that the tub itself has a corroded spot (to the left in the picture.) Is there a way to repair that or how should I prevent a leak in the future? Thanks in advance!
  4. David Gilley

    Shower/tub water leak

    Bought this 1952 home a few months ago. As for any old house, always things to fix. The new issue that has me baffled is the lead in the shower/tub area. It is a tub with a shower assembly. I noticed in the basement that when the shower was running there was a up of water coming from the area...
  5. rmcderm313

    Boiler circulator pump leaking flange/gasket replacement

    Hi All, I've got a leaking circulator pump on my boiler. It appears that the gasket has failed and the exposure has done some damage to the flange and possibly the pump housing as well. I'm certainly no plumber but I'm pretty handy, so I'm going to try and replace this myself. Here is a link...
  6. madisonfriday

    Tub leaking around drain shoe

    Couple weeks ago we got a new tub installed. I wasn't seeing any issues with bathing a toddler in shallow water, but last night I filled it up and took a bath and heard drip...drip... ran out and look to find a decent leak around the shoe fitting of the drain. Plumber is coming back out Monday -...
  7. Tracy R

    Adhesive for pitiless adapter gasket

    I have a Merrill MCK pitiless adapter kit. I have water leaking inside the well casing, between the adapter and it's gasket every time I try to restart my system. Upon inspection, I found that the gasket only has two small dabs of adhesive holding it in place. What kind of adhesive do I use to...
  8. Moses

    How can I replace my shower head?

    The pipe connecting my shower head leaks every time we turn it on. My question is how can I replace this disaster with a new shower head that won't leak? Would I need to fix the pipe itself as well? Thank you for who ever reads this and helps!
  9. Neil.Steiner

    What is failing? TRP valve or expansion tank or both?

    [Disclaimer: I posted a very similar question at Stack Exchange Home Improvement, but then wondered why I didn't go straight to the experts on this site.] Do water heater TPR valves fail gradually or catastrophically? A day or two ago, I noticed about a capful of water in the pail below my...
  10. Madscientistii

    Suction on supply line and air in water (well)

    Hi Everyone, I'm diagnosing a well issue. Long story short a splice broke in the supply line from the well to house. Introduced a lots of fines over the years... (don't ask, that's the long story.) I found the broken splice and repaired it. We've been flushing the system for a couple of...
  11. Marcus Stenzel

    Moen Brantford, Should I avoid this faucet?

    We have purchased this faucet but not yet installed it. https://www.moen.com/products/Brantford/Brantford_Spot_resist_stainless_onehandle_high_arc_pulldown_kitchen_faucet/7185ESRS Generally well reviewed, but there are a handful of online reviews that warn of leak problems. I've also seen Moen...
  12. KC27

    Glued In Shower Drain Repair Question

    I have a fiberglass shower on a second floor that has sprung a leak - see photos below. What do I need to do to correct this problem? The lock-ring that is visible from the top of the shower reads: Caspers Industries Oakland CA No. 101-PS ABS IAMPO Use glue only. Warning: Do not use oil base...
  13. suttonjosh

    Irrigation line dripping.......

    Hi all, I have a main shut off for my irrigation (yellow circle on image) and there is a spigot (red circle on image) a bit up from there to make sure all the water gets out when winterizing. It continuously drips (very intermittent, but always water in the bucket). If I leave the spigot closed...
  14. KAW

    Will a sponge (vs rubber) gasket feel damp even when connected properly?

    Trust me I already know it seems like a dumb question but do sponge style tank gasket get damp? I've always used a more solid rubber gasket between a tank and a seat and now I'm stuck having used a foam/sponge style for a repair at my mother's. Stick a paper towel between the tank and the seat...
  15. DanielDad1

    PVC threaded adapter to cast iron T

    Was able to properly unscrew an old cast iron drain pipe from a threaded T and I am replacing it with PVC. I used a wire brush to clean up the threads on the T. I put on Rector Seal pipe dope and threaded in the male pvc threaded adapter and it started to drip a very tiny amount when i poured...
  16. pandalocksmith

    How do I repair this sink leak?

    Just inherited a old beat up home. Tried using the sink and water started flowing from the floor. Upon inspection, seems like this piece just isn’t rightly installed or isn’t the right piece at all. Wondering what pieces I need to buy at Home Depot so I can get the sink up and running. Here’s a...
  17. carriagehousereno

    Gerber Toilet has a mysterious tank leak, i think?

    I have a gerber toilet in one of my rental properties, it appears to be in good condition but I can hear it filling the tank periodically when it isn't even being used. I replaced the flapper thinking maybe it was leaking, still was filling periodically. I replaced the fill valve thinking...
  18. rooshio

    2 crimp attempts, still have a PEX leak

    Hello, I'm in Utah here. I recently replaced a pressure reducing valve in my house for the main waterline. The whole thing is a PEX setup. My problem is that I've had 2 recurring leaks on the intake side of the PRV. In both cases, the go/no-go gauge indicated a proper crimp. Suspecting the...
  19. boulderbri

    Remove valve body on Brizo kitchen faucet?

    Hi. I have a Brizo 64900 kitchen faucet that is leaking. Delta sent me a repair kit that contains new seats & springs. All the videos I've found show removing a dome cap to access all the parts that need replaced. This faucet has one big valve body cap. Anyone know if the entire valve body cap...
  20. CGD

    Mystery about leaky ceiling

    My 1st floor hall ceiling has a leak. It leaked 1 cup of water from an opening (the opening in the ceiling is for a chandelier) few weeks ago. It again leaked about a cup of water 10-12 days from then and again about the same amount of water in another 10 days. We removed the chandelier...
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