1. G

    Kohler Santa Rosa 3323 flush valve

    I am trying to install a new flush valve and gasket in my Santa Rosa toilet. I cannot rotate the vale to lock into place. I have tried using olive oil and silicon grease on the gasket, as suggested to me, but cannot get the valve and gasket to rotate into place. This should be such an easy...
  2. V

    Kohler Wellworth tank with Highline bowl?

    Needing a Kohler toilet, round, comfort height in biscuit. Ferguson offers this as a bundle, but would it work?? Never tried putting a Wellworth tank on a Highline bowl before.
  3. Mark Ezrin

    Can you "refinish" scratches on a white porcelain toilet bowl?

    It is a Kohler toilet. I screwed up when I went to snake it and scratched it in the bottom area where the water return is. Thanks.
  4. Y

    Is this Kohler plumbing diagram ok?

    Hello, I am remodeling bathroom and redoing the bath/shower plumbing. I have already done a shower in another bathroom where I used the setup with Kohlers K-2972, K-2974, and K-728. In this bathroom I would like to replicate the setup as much as possible, however, I do have the bathtub here...
  5. T

    Need Help Identifying Root Cause Of Valve Issue

    I’m trying to figure out what could possibly cause what appears to be a strange reaction inside a newer shower valve. I have a Kohler valve that is about 1.5 years old. Got around to replacing the cartridge but the cause seems to be some build up around the valve that shifted the o rings. Had...
  6. Terry

    Budget bidet, cold water only made from parts on hand

    Here is a budget bidet made from parts found on hand. I guess it's one way to do this, though there are manufacturers that have something similar that looks and work a lot nicer. Budget Bidet Kohler makes a budget cold water only bidet seat that doesn't need electricity either. These fit on...
  7. BillyGoat58

    Kohler K-4108 washlet / seat bidet

    Small contractor here in the NE Ohio area. Have fielded numerous requests for washlets and they always seem to pose a problem in installation. And this Kohler unit (K-4108) has proved to be no different. Generally, the problems (chasing leaks) seem to always occur at the T-valve and /or supply...
  8. TOTOtalitarian

    Kohler ceramic bathtub valve....do they leak on their own ? Spontaneous? Without notice

    Hot water ceramic valve.... is it possible for you to leave with no leaks and then come back and find that the valve started leaking without turning the valve? Kohler GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve We left for the weekend, when we came back the hot water was leaking thru the spout . Our kids say...
  9. Mikejc

    Kohler K-304 Shower faucet temperature acting funky

    This is very strange. I have an issue where the shower valve when I first turn it on will stay hot even though I try to move the handle to a colder position. However, if I immediately turn the valve off then back on again then it will work ok. Very strange. What should I replace?
  10. Steveog

    Kohler valve for stand alone tub allowing handles and spout to be aligned

    I have a stand alone tub and looking at installing an in-wall Kohler Purist tub faucet in the handle, spout, handle that is aligned horizontally. Unfortunately, Kohler tells me that the supporting valve does not allow the handles and valves to be installed aligned (spout has to be above or below...
  11. Mr_Monkeywrench

    Kohler Wallhung toilet moved slightly

    Hi I have a Kohler wall hung toilet that moved slightly. It appears to shift slightly when I push on it. Any idea what I should do?
  12. Kognyto

    Toto equivalent for shower mixing valves?

    So I recently purchased a home and two of the showers have Kohler mixing valves. Within a few months both of them developed slow leaks. Now I've replaced a number of mixing valves over the years, and I was totally shocked at the price Kohler demands for replacement parts; it's nearly the same...
  13. Aliusa

    Kohler Gleam ReadyLock leak

    After a week+ of using noticing a leak around the bottom of the toilet when flushing. Since the gleam is a skirted toilet with the readylock system it's hard to tell if you got it trap aligned cause you really can't see anything. I was able to align the holes on skirt to where you bolt the...
  14. Gregg G

    Kitchen faucet with thick countertop

    So, I have counter-tops that are almost 2" thick, including the sink lip. I installed a Delta Lewiston single handle faucet (about 2-1/2 years ago when we were building) that worked fine for a while. The "single stalk" is about 3-1/2" long and provided adequate installation support. The faucet...
  15. Terry

    Old Kohler shower trim handle removal

    Old Kohler shower trim handle removal. I have not seen this trim before. Here are some pictures.
  16. Terry

    Cimarron® Comfort Height® toilet with Revolution 360 swirl flush

    Cimarron® Comfort Height® toilet with Revolution 360 swirl flush. • Two-piece design. • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort. • Comfort Height® feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. • 1.28 gpf (4.8 lpf). • Left-hand Polished...
  17. tigger68

    11" rough in

    Hello, I am looking at buying a new Kohler toilet, but I have an 11" rough in and I am unsure of what I should be getting because the options are 10" and 12". Could someone please help steer me in the right direction? Thank you.
  18. Terry

    Kohler K-98804 manual bidet seat, elongated, Purewash™

    Kohler K-98804 manual bidet seat, elongated. Purewash™ I like this approach over the handheld bidet sprays. My sister might like something like this for her cabin. Hooks up to the same cold water supply and tees off for the bidet.
  19. DIYOwner

    Kohler tank to bowl leaking

    Got a new Kohler installed and the tank to bowl leaks outside everytime I flush. Called Kohler - they sent a new gasket , but it still leaks. On examination I noticed that the hole where the tank seats seems to be oval ( I think it should be round) Question 1) is it really a defective hole...
  20. Terry

    K-10270-4 lav faucet, removing the handles

    No Allen screw for the handle, looks like the ring below the handle unthreads and allows the handle to come off.
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