kitchen sink

  1. U

    Head scratching clog

    I have had many clogs in my kitchen sink over the years. I am no plumber but this is the first one I can’t fix. I have double sinks with no garbage disposals. Water will not drain in either sink. I have tried plunging the daylights out of them, liquid plumber, baking soda and vinegar, a gallon...
  2. Mwilliams721

    Double basin to single basin kitchen sink

    I am attempting to install my own sink. I’m military so my dad isn’t close enough to help me with this project, lol. I have a two basin sink and I would like to convert it to a one basin with a disposal. The sink drain disposal combo will be on the right side because the garbage disposal switch...
  3. Dave Pugh

    Drop in SS kitchen sink - no rails for clips

    We wanted a new sink and found one at the local Habitat for Humanity restore. When starting to install, I noticed it doesn’t have any rails for clips. It will be installed on a Formica countertop. It looks like it has a foldover lip with some holes in it, but I’m not sure what those would be...
  4. Timothy Miller

    AAV Location or placement under Kitchen sink?

    In this situation, is the current location of the P Trap in relation to the AAV valve correct, or must the P-trap be below the base of the drain pipe?
  5. Jesse Okiror

    Is this bad?! Yes, it needs fixing.

    Plumber installed an island loop with this setup. He says it was done this way because connecting the vent back to the drain would cause more damage to the slab (this is a reno and we had to cut about a foot deep into the slab to make this happen). What problems am I looking at down the road?
  6. seeker407

    Drain WM (w/ air gap) to kitchen sink or tub?

    Greetings, I have two ideas, seeking feedback: IDEA 1: drain WM into sink and monitor with 90 gallons of reserve capacity standing by IDEA 2: drain WM into 84 gallon tub... both ideas would use a mesh over the drain to prevent debris going down the drain. My questions: 1. Will I overflow my...
  7. DIYinVA

    Double Garbage Disposals

    I'm installing a Double Sink, and want a disposal in each, one with a standard dishwasher drain attached. I'm all set with the electric (2 air switches in countertop), but I'm seeing flaky stuff on the web regarding the best, code-compliant way to do this. I found an old post that says: A...
  8. David Grayson

    Water dispenser faucet

    Hello all I have one of those single hole water dispenser faucets. They all seems to be sold as a replacement faucet for a filtration system. My question is whether they require a pressure reduction or are they strong enough to be installed right off the shut off. In other words, can I just...
  9. David Ades

    Double Kitchen Sink with Floor Drain and Disposer

    We have a double kitchen sink and are replacing the old disposer that quit. The new disposer is "unexpectedly" wider and will make connecting to the floor drain very tight if even possible. Unfortunately, as you can see these PVC connections are on top of each other so no room for cutting and...
  10. Vaughn Eisler

    Gurg-gurg sound and water backup in kitchen sink

    Expert plumbers - I am seeking some guidance as a frequent DIYer but am new to plumbing. About a week ago I heard a glug-glug sound underneath my kitchen sink. Additionally, water all of a sudden started backing up into the sink. The water in the kitchen sink backs up either when I run the...
  11. Dbit

    Replacing Kitchen Sink Drain Waste Pipe Behind Kitchen Wall - Est. Cost, etc

    So my wife and I have recently dealt with replumbing our kitchen sink. We replaced the P trap, updated supply lines, found we had a leak in our strainer so fixed that, there was a corroded extension pipe leading to the waste pipe (both I believe galvanized steel? it's a 1923 house and we're not...
  12. JM19

    How to connect a garden hose to a bathroom sink shutoff valve

    Hi all! New to the forum and was hoping to get some advice on how to install a garden hose to a bathroom sink shut off valve. I have a terrace in my apartment and was hoping to install a valve that would allow me to connect a garden hose so I can better clean the terrace and to water plants...
  13. JoeyDYI80

    Need help with new sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and installed new sink double sink which is about 3" deeper than old and drains offset. Also purchased new garbage disposal. With my old sink my disposal was on left side and drains centered. I started to install new disposable on right side and ran into an issue. Seems...
  14. Saratonin

    Apartment AC drain line, washer, kitchen sink all backed up.

    It seems as though in my first floor apartment the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal are all connected as they should be. However, the kitchen sink (double sink) began backing up terribly. If I run the garbage disposal it empties one side of the sink into the other. I took apart all...
  15. Terry

    Kitchen sink replacement. A new stainless steel sink by Kohler

    Here are some pictures of a sink replacement in an older home. Kohler makes a nice stainless sink replacement for those. Here is the old sink and piping that was removed. The wrong way. There should have been only one trap for this. New basket and disposer, the Insinkerator 880LT 7/8 HP...
  16. cynthiap

    Mysterious clog in kitchen sink

    Hello, I have a kitchen sink that is clogging on both the right and left sides. I'm a woman and I don't know the correct terms for all the plumbing, however, I do know how to take apart the plumbing under the sink and put it back together and how to snake the pipes. So I took it apart at the...
  17. WS

    Sink plumbing makes whistling noise like a recorder when water turned on

    I have a kitchen sink that has a disposal connected to it that I replaced about 6 months ago, and the faucet has a diverter/hose built into it as well. Today it started making a whistling sound when the water is turned on. It will whistle for about 2 to 4 seconds and then stop. It's not a...
  18. Rafter

    Basement Plumbing Additions--Kitchenette and Laundry Venting

    Can I use AAV to vent both a kitchen sink and a laundry room? There are two vent stacks that penetrate the roof on my house. There is not a vent stack that comes down into the basement all are drain lines and soil stacks. Running a new vent stack is impractical as it would involve running up...
  19. DYIWannabe

    Kitchen Island Sink Vent

    Instead of the typical loop vent for an island which would require concrete work, I'm opting for a column on the island to run the vent up to the attic to tie-in to a near by vent. Considered the AAV, but decided to avoid that path if possible. Would either of these vent configurations work and...
  20. idreos

    How do I fix this jtrap misalignment problem

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