kitchen faucet

  1. F

    What adapter to connect kitchen hose to dishwasher?

    Hello dear plumbing experts, I recently bought a countertop dishwasher for my apartment featuring a quick-connect option for my kitchen hose. Unfortunately, the hose (pic 1) cannot connect to the quick-connect adapter (pic 2) or the faucet adapter (for regular faucets, pic 3). I am now...
  2. J

    Identifying kitchen faucet to replace leaking pull down hose.

    Hello, Does anyone know what brand kitchen faucet this is? This is a rental property, so I'm trying to identify the part remotely based on these pics. I need to purchase a replacement hose for the leaking pull down faucet. Thank you Jay
  3. Mutako

    Moving the kitchen to another room

    Hello everybody, I have my eyes on a cheap house, but i would want to change some things. In the picture below you can see all the changes I want to make, but the main concern is the kitchen. Is it even doable to move it like that and what should I consider in such case? I want to have a rough...
  4. JoeyDYI80

    Low water flow rate from kitchen faucet

    We installed a new faucet about 2 years ago and all was working well. It is a Krause single side handle. Recently we noticed that the flow rate had decreased for the cold side. After a few more days the hot side also had decreased. We closed and opened the valves under the sink and it actually...
  5. K Nelson

    Kitchen Faucet?

    Hi, I am going to replace a kitchen faucet before this one goes bust and am reading/seeing so many mixed reviews about every brand, type, I thought I'd ask my expert plumbers here. Some years ago you all guided me to the TOTO Drake II and it has been a great choice- actually replacing the fill...
  6. Sandeep A

    Trying to remove kitchen pull down faucet

    Hi all, I am not able to remove this pull down hose for replacing my kitchen faucet. Kind of stuck from last couple of hours. Can you please identify the connection type and how to remove it ? My faucet does not have manufacture name so I cannot see the manual as well. Below is the pic of the...
  7. John Evans

    Grohe Faucet Removal

    Hi ... Just bought this new house and looking to remove a low flowing worn out Grohe kitchen faucet The faucet body is held down to the counter with a U shaped clip , I don't see a nut that locks against the clip holding it up , It seems to be threaded on and It doesn't look like it could be...
  8. Snorp

    Peerless P6919LF Kitchen Faucet Install Ignorance-Confused Me

    Hello to all and my thanks for what you do. I'm installing the subject faucet and have ran into something I don't know how to 'fix'. Instructions say to insert the shank with the notch facing forward. Low light level and cramped space made this problematic - did the best I could. Checked the...
  9. Hydrographer1

    Unable to close regulating valves to kitchen sink!

    I'm trying to shut off the water to my kitchen faucet so that I can swap out a new cartridge. However, I'm not able to completely shut off the water under the sink. I realize that I can shut off the water to the house to perform this task, however, I would prefer to be able to shut it off...
  10. Lifespeed

    Kitchen faucet recommend, thermostatic?

    I have a GS faucets (Italian company) thermostatic kitchen faucet, which I think is no longer in production, although you can see the shower thermostatic cartridge it uses at the link. It looks a lot like this Chinese knock-off, maybe that's why it isn't sold by GS anymore. It's all brass and...
  11. JJK

    Moen faucet woe (low flow)

    Hey there, I have a Moen faucet (2017) that is driving me bonkers with low flow. Looks like their Medina model, with a slightly different handle shape. It's been trouble almost from the start. Our building has old pipes (1950's condos), but the supply pipes coming out of the wall are putting...
  12. wps

    Adding Sink Sprayer Need Splitter

    Hi! I have a pull down faucet in the kitchen that works fine but does not have a connection for a separate handheld sprayer. The wife asked me to remove the soap dispenser from the sink and add a pull out sprayer and I thought this would be a quick job. However, I can't find any type of...

    Concinnity/Barand Kitchen Faucet

    Do any of you old timers recognize the discontinued kitchen faucet shown in the image? We believe it is a Concinnity or Barand faucet made by I.W. Industries of Melville, New York. IWI went out of business about 2004 and many of its assets were bought out by Durst. Any help would be...
  14. PhilD163

    Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet Installation, 'fastmount' Nut Won't Clear Space

    I'm trying to put this faucet in to a new sink/countertop, and the hole that was drilled in the granite is kind of far back. I'm left with very little room to get a nut underneath to hold the faucet in. Unfortunately, the faucet I have, has this garbage plastic nut (they call it a 'fastmount'...
  15. Tex13

    Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

    I have a 10+ Hansgrohe Talis high arch kitchen faucet. The hose is leaking. Do I need to order a Hansgrohe hose $60 or can I use a generic? Do big box stores HD or Lowes sell the generics? I suspect I need slide rings, the old one looks worn, but maybe will clean up w vinegar once leaking...
  16. dpw-ct

    Faucet need model or manufacturer

    I have a leaky faucet need parts But have no idea what the manufacturer model number is it was probably put in between 1985 and 9095 anybody have any idea who made this and perhaps with the model number The sink drips from the Faucet. I assume I need a new cartridge but any others Help would be...
  17. Terry

    Hansgrohe Lacuna kitchen faucet

    Hansgrohe Lacuna kitchen faucet installation It comes with a soap dispenser and a plate in case you have a three hole sink. Well, or if you have a four hole you can also install the soap dispenser. You can run the nut up most of the way and then snug it up with a phillips screw driver.
  18. Mariosphone

    Help identifying kitchen faucet

    Greetings folks, I recently bought a house and my kitchen faucet pull out hose started leaking a few days after closing. (joy of being a home owner) I've been trying to identify the faucet and could've sworn that it was a Kohler Mistos. Long story short the hose and quick release (1244504)...
  19. MichelleS

    Looking for new kitchen faucet.

    I'm looking for a new kitchen faucet and I like the look of the Kraus 1602 but I’ve read reviews and there are lots of complaints about the water pressure. I’m looking any advice on other similar faucets. I like that one...
  20. CowSki

    Kitchen Faucet Anchor

    Hi There, My kitchen faucet has become loose, I thought it would be an easy fix, but this faucet is crazy looking on the underside! I have no idea how to loosen (I was going to take it off an silicone it) or tighten it! Attached are some pics. Thanks in advance.
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