1. Hdebelak

    Exterior HVAC Vent Acceptable?

    Our builder installed a concentrix vent outside our house. We asked them to fix it because it was too low to the ground if we had a big snowfall. So they split the vent for intake and exhaust. See pictures. There is no screen or anything at the ends. Is this acceptable?
  2. Boe

    Trying out CoolCalc - questions.

    Hello, I was testing out coolcalc and I got a solution for a 5 ton AC unit. I'd like to run that same scenario - same house, same insulation etc but test with a 2 ton and 3 ton unit with slightly different specs. I' prefer not to have to enter all the info again. Also I'm not familiar with...
  3. potatowolf

    Advice for a replace on a 10 seer York

    Hi everyone, I'm actually posted here for a well pump right now as well so our cup runneth over as they say. So theres a 20+ year old 10 seer york unit that the compressor failed- At least we are fairly certain of that. Originally I was going to come on here and troubleshoot but at this point...
  4. interplexr

    Oversize finished basement return, pull air from floor above

    I’m currently reworking my HVAC for finishing my basement. The house is ICF and well sealed/insulated. I have a single unit for the whole house. Manual J calcs show my existing unit is adequate for the house including the basement addition. I’m relocating the unit from one part of the basement...
  5. interplexr

    Jump duct from 1st floor sunroom to finished basement

    I am finishing my basement (ICF) and moving my existing HVAC system/ductwork and taking the opportunity to get a more efficient heatpump that can better ramp down with our loads. I plan to duct the main 1st floor return to the new unit but we also have a return for our sunroom which would be a...
  6. Elizabeth Brammer

    Pipe Tapping, then Banging? Also, some gasping from BTHRM sink drain

    FIRST: Here is the problem, This Time a) FYI- I live on the 2nd FL of a 3 FL apartment complex Last night I flushed the toilet and heard the following sound. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvNlLICQtuTAkcQY0SrJ-tvIFmBZKA This was close to 2am, so nothing else was going on. No laundry, no showers, no...
  7. EJR-VT

    Adding Boiler Treatment to Closed Loop Heating System

    Hi All, I have a closed loop baseboard hot water heating system with two zones (one upstairs and one downstairs) in my home. The gas-fired boiler is in the basement. I don't have any air vents on the individual zones, just near the boiler itself. I am attempting to add boiler treatment/cleaner...
  8. mikezh

    Weird consistent pipe knocking noise even when everything is off and valves closed

    I recently moved into a high rise building condo(36 floors) and within the first night I noticed a consistent knocking noise in the wall that is more frequent during early mornings and late nights, it is very noticeable and can be heard anywhere in the entire unit, it is driving my wife and I...
  9. Larry393

    Help with HVAC Contractor

    Help! Should I be hearing air flow at my supply ducts? I purchased the most expensive system to help control air noise. It is my understanding that you should not hear the air flow with low pressure systems. I’m getting the feeling that the system ducting was not designed, just thrown...
  10. e2139adfa

    Heater Running But Thermostat Went Blank -- Help Please!

    My honeywell wifi thermostat went blank while my heater was running yesterday and now I can't shut off the heater unless I unplug the York furnace. Here's what I've checked so far but still can't figure out what's wrong and the cause of my blank thermostat. Would appreciate if anyone can give...
  11. Scott Baz

    Wiring help with thermostat and condensor

    I removed old thermostat and only had a 2/22 wire red/white (I have ran a new 5/22 wire) Looked at furnace wiring and have 2 black wires from Fan limit switch (one on 24vac transformer other on gas valve terminal) White wire to thermostat on other gas valve lug, then red wire from thermostat to...
  12. susque70

    Pipe failure from mini-split A/C install

    I'm a home owner that received a very unpleasant call while vacationing in Yellowstone from our dog sitter informing us that our downstairs bedroom ceiling had collapsed. repairs needed to the plaster ceiling, two plaster walls and hardwoods in need of refinishing. i am grateful the damage...
  13. willard f

    Lennox Furnace Condensate Trap Leak - Need help

    Hello, I have a Lennox G51MP Furnace. I recently noticed the condensate trap is leaking. I am pretty sure it is Lennox drain trap Cat # : 61M35 | Model/Part #: LB-96382A. The leak (just a slight but constant drip) is located where the pvc meets the trap's drain stub (at least that what I think...
  14. jellybelly

    Changing old Apollo Hydroheat Water Heaters?

    Hello - Does anyone know how hard or easy it would be to change out the Apollo Hydroheat system? There are two gas water heaters that heat water and are integrated with the HVAC system so the water runs through coils to heat the house. It was installed maybe 20 years ago and one of the water...
  15. Pablo210

    HVAC guys can't stop loud gurgling noise in my hot water baseboard heaters

    I have a continuing problem with a loud noise in my hot water baseboard heaters. I live in a small ranch house with just two heating zones. Sometimes the noise sounds like water gurgling and other times it sounds like someone is pouring a pitcher of water down a gutter. The noise is loudest in...
  16. BetsyJean

    Ecobee Common Wire Question

    I’m trying to install an ecobee thermostat. My furnace wiring has a red wire at the C terminal, and white wire at the Y terminal which I assume run to the condenser unit because they are bundled together. Then there is the bundle leading to the thermostat. At the furnace the wires are: green on...
  17. modernhistorian

    Help requested to find Honeywell powerhead or substitute

    I own a condo in a commercial building that uses chilled or heated water (depending on season) in the HVAC. The controlling valves in my two systems are Honeywell: 120 VAC, two position zone valves with aquastats, and both have failed. I was able to locate one powerhead,part number 40003916-045...
  18. SBpropertiesGA

    No power to outside AC

    i bought a house that I am in process of renovating. The AC was working up until a few days ago. Now, the inside fan blows air but the outside unit will not kick on. From reading other posts, I decided to test the contactor. Pulled the panel with breaker & system on. But I'm not getting 220...
  19. underthetablethinker

    Square to Round Duct Transition - Cannot find anywhere??

    In remodeling my bathroom I had to convert a 6"x6" square duct underneath the floor joists in the basement to flex so I can get around my new toiler drain. I cannot for the life of me find a 6"x6" square to 6" round transition anywhere. Do I need to fabricate one myself? I don't know what to...
  20. Cameron Boivin

    Tapping & Knocking noise coming from apartment walls

    Good evening, I recently moved into a new apartment (Built in 1999 but very well kept). The apartment has an Apollo based system. Since my girlfriend and I moved in the sound has occurred, that has been 10 days. It has been worse then what it is now. In the past ten days of narrowing down...
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