hot water heater

  1. Y

    Navien NPE-240A2: No hot water in 1 shower

    Hey! Thanks in advance for taking a look at my post if it is being discussed elsewhere please let me know. My Navien NPE-240A2 has been working great for 2 years but over the last month has not been consistently providing hot water in 1 shower. There are no error codes. The other shower and all...
  2. gilesshaxted

    RM cylinder 47140 Leak at top immersion cap

    My hot water cylinder is leaking at the top from the immersion thermostat socket I will note that the immersion part is disconnected and the thermostat on the side is being used to heat the water by oil now. It's not a super fast leak but I need to fix it asap. Call a plumber? Unscrew and...
  3. Margarett

    WH back drafts when the furnace is on at the same time

    Sorry for the long post, but I don’t want to leave anything important out. Over the weekend, I noticed that our hot water heater back drafts when the furnace is on at the same time. They both vent together to the chimney. Please see attached pictures. The WH (40 gallon – 40,000BTU input) is 4...
  4. TaylorN

    Hot Water Recirculation pump stops working and appears to overheat

    I have a Grundfos UP 15-18SU hot water recirculating pump to distribute hot water from my hot water heater throughout our 3600sqft house to showers and faucets. It runs for 12hours each day and has been that way for at least 4 years we have been living here. Just noticed a week ago that it...
  5. Rob36

    Pressure issue, older mobile home

    I'm new here so I'm sorry if there is a thread on what I'm experiencing. I've replaced my pressure tank (20gal as the old was that size), new pressure switch (40/60), new check valve on the pressure tank tee, well pump was tested with an ampmeter and told by a plumber its reading was fine I...
  6. Caryncbreeef

    Rough plumbing question IPC code, hot water heater, water hammer

    So I have all the dvw done, started running the waterlines. I’ve done as much investigation and reading of the code as possible, and before I post I really try to find out for myself. But I have not been able to find an answer to this question. When I look at the rough in requirements, they talk...
  7. Phelpdk

    Flushed Hot Water Heat now Dishwasher Not Working

    This is about a Samsung DW80M2020US/AA 00 dishwasher. It is less than 3 years old. A few days ago, as a part of regular maintenance, I flushed my Rheem hot water heater for the first time (also less than 3 years old). Everything went well, and after the tank filled up again, I ran all the...
  8. MHarless81

    Funky smell from hot water heater closet??

    Hey, so I don't really use forums like this very often, but I'm in need of some answers please. I moved into a newly built 2 story townhouse. In my kitchen (ground level) there is a large closet with a brand new washing machine and dryer and right next to that closet is another large closet...
  9. Nick Weirich

    Leaky Water Heater

    Looking for some ideas to identify problem. I've replaced 4 hot water heaters in 2 years, each lasting about 6 months. The first 3 were HTP electric 80 gallon heaters, they all seemed to leak around heating elements after 6 months. The most recent one was a Bradford White electric 80 gallon...
  10. E G

    Debris after new water heater installation

    Hello, I don't know anything about this topic and am hoping some of you have ideas as to why our new hot water heater + hot water circulating pump are depositing sediment and debris into the water. We have copper pipes, house is about 22 years old and we've never had this issue before. We...
  11. FifthLabour

    Hot Water Heater possessed by demon

    What we have - An Ultra Low NOx Power Vent Bradford-White (is that three strikes?) 50 Gal. Nat. Gas W heater. There is a Laing recirculating hot water pump. House is seven years old in San Francisco. What happened - Saturday my wife noticed that the ♨️ water heater was making noise (a...
  12. Timothy Roy

    White Pieces clogging faucet and shower aerators!!

    Just purchased a manufactured home and shortly after moving in I noticed some white shelly/plastic like particles clogging my sink and shower aerators. I contacted the local plumber who suggested that I install a water softener and sediment filter due to the home operating on well water. I now...
  13. Sjking

    Rheem electrical water heater drainage

    Need some help draining the above heater. The draining outlet is connected to a non return valve and inlet. Do i unscrew this Draining outlet or is there another way? Thanks in advance Si
  14. Stevie Vermunt

    Tankless heater/Well Water?

    Hi there! I have a couple questions but Ill explain myself first. We have well water and it has methane in it from being in the badlands as well as fracking in the area I've heard? The well water is soft, and has high bicarbonate in it. Will a tankless be okay with this type of water? I wonder...
  15. newhomeguy11

    Hole in oil hot water heater

    I recently replaced my 2 year old 50 gallon oil hot water heater (switched over to gas). I told the installers to leave my hot water heater since it's almost brand new and I figured I could sell it. When looking at it today, I noticed a strange hole in the side (see pictures). Does anyone...
  16. David Criss

    What size hot water tank for a 50 gallon whirlpool tub?

    I've a customer that wants a whirlpool tub. She has a 50 gallon electric hot water tank and no room for a 2nd tank. I'm thinking that most of these whirlpool tubs are in the 45 to 50 gallon capacity and the general rule of thumb is a hot water tank only delivers 60% of it's capacity in hot...
  17. Dan Westerfield

    Tanked hot water heater to heat 2 new radiators

    I have an original 1914 coal fired (converted to gas) boiler that runs my gravity hot water heating via cast iron radiators. I have a pantry, and and a small breakfast room off of the kitchen that are currently unheated by the main boiler. The pantry is roughly 4’x9’, and the breakfast room is...
  18. Timothy Peruch

    Side draft hot water heater. Direct Vent

    Has anyone seen this before THE PLASTIC SIDE ATTACHMENT ? and can it be replaced with a regular gas hot water heater.
  19. UnhappyRenter85

    Cold water line to hot water heater flipped with upstairs

    Hello, First post, looking for some advice. The water company here came to upgrade the meters and found out that our cold water is switched with the upstairs tenant. What ramifications does this have, will it affect my bill? its supposedly just the cold water line to the hot water...
  20. Reastham

    Hot Water Heater Leaking at Hot Water Outlet (on top)

    I have a Whirlpool hot water heater that is about 6 yrs old. Yesterday morning I noticed a slow dribble leak from the hot water outlet. It seemed to be coming up from the tank, as not connections above were leaking or condensing. I turned off the water and researched online and decided to...
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