hot water heater

  1. Barbsdesk

    Connecting icemaker/water line to gas water heater supply line

    Hello. I recently inherited the 70 year old family home with a gas water heater in the kitchen alcove. I'm having a new refrigerator delivered next week and would like to run the water/icemaker line to the cold water supply line on the water heater. (There has never been abn icemaker set up...
  2. Mark Alhadeff

    Eemax TankBuddy -- Opinions Sought

    I'm wondering if anybody has an opinion on (or experience with) Eemax's TankBuddy. The TankBuddy is a small tankless heater that is designed to work with a typical tank heater. They claim to get you close to 2x the effective hot water from your tank. As far as I can tell it is only sold through...
  3. Cameron Boivin

    Tapping & Knocking noise coming from apartment walls

    Good evening, I recently moved into a new apartment (Built in 1999 but very well kept). The apartment has an Apollo based system. Since my girlfriend and I moved in the sound has occurred, that has been 10 days. It has been worse then what it is now. In the past ten days of narrowing down...
  4. ACaland

    New Hot Water Heater Or Prv Valve Issue

    I recently had a new gas hot water heater (apparently the dreaded flame-lock whirlpool) installed with a new thermal expansion tank. On hot-water demand once the gas flame starts the heater makes a popping sound followed by tuning fork ringing sound. After about 10 seconds all sounds from the...
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