check valve

  1. M

    Help! I made a ooppsie!!

    New home owner here! Had a line crack while changing the faucet, my first instinct was to run down to the basement to shut the water off. Of course I was in a panic and shut off the valve coming into the house to the pressure tank (well water here) and then the valve coming out of the tank...
  2. J

    Thermal expansion - check valve

    Hello, Our new house has a hot water dedicated recirculation system that was installed with only a single check valve, a Euroblock spring check valve that is supposed to prevent the hot water from backflowing into the cold inlet to the water tank/heater. (Not the purpose of this post, but...
  3. Aaron Beatty

    American Standard toilet with Flushmate 2042.417 One Piece - Cannot find check valve

    Hi, I have an American Standard toilet with Flushmate 2042.017 One Piece. When I flush the toilet, water sprays up through the check valve. I believe that the check valve needs to be replaced, but for the live of me I cannot locate the part. From what I can tell it is discontinued. Any...
  4. Jtsea3

    Bad pump or check valve

    I have a 75' well installed in 1995 original to the house, afaik, I've owned since 2016. I installed a CSV in 2017 to stop short cycling (thx Valveman, that thing is awesome). Pump recently started running all the time - On ~35 seconds, reach 60psi, off for ~40 seconds. Rinse & Repeat...
  5. Margeson

    Will check valve work to fool Delta scald guard shower valve?

    We have a Rinnai tankless water heater, natural gas powered, new 2021. Set to 130 degrees F. Home has good water supply 60PSI very consistent. No issues with water heater. Four sink faucets produce hot water perfectly. 2 baths have Delta shower faucets, new 2021, with scald guard. I...
  6. Peachlander

    Sprinkler System Low Pressure - sometimes

    I have a five-year-old, 4 station system sprinkler, two stations higher than the manifold, one lower and one dripper. Orbit valves, Hunter rotator nozzles, Rainbird controller. When I turn on any station, either manualy or via the controller, the pressure is so low I don't get an adequate spray...
  7. chill_builds

    Series Heat Pump Water Heater and Basic Electric Unit

    I am planning to install a 50 gallon Rheem HPWH(in garage main level) in series with a basic 50 gallon Rheem 4500 watt electric unit(in basement one level down). The reasoning for this is to increase total amount of available hot water for the few times a year we run out of hot water and to save...
  8. Pennstump

    Vibrating / Chattering Pipes Behind PRV

    Hi. Newbie here. I've searched for help on this topic all across the Internet and I couldn't find anything. So, I thought I'd ask the pros. I have pipes at the main that sometimes violently vibrate / chatter. This seems to happen during medium to heavy flow. Here's my setup: Water comes up...
  9. Skeensy

    Check valves one house well system

    Hi everyone. Looked all over the place for a diagram with a well setup that includes a sprinkler distribution line as well. This is our bathing and drinking water as well as irrigation. I have the well pump, check valve at the well head down pipe, outside the well , then a 10 foot run to a...
  10. Tschmits

    Shallow Well Check valve on top of well point. Yes or no?

    I have been accumulating all parts for a hand driven shallow well. I have a 1 1/4" well point, Simmons 1721 that has inside threads at the top where a 3/4" nipple can screw in. In speaking with a neighbor with a similar well, he is down 28 feet with 8 feet of water. Everything I see on the...
  11. DYIRich

    Air in line- submersible well pump

    System works fine- cut-in/out pressures correct (45 seconds from cut-in to out), draw down OK (about 9 gal. 32 gal. Water Worker tank. But- considerable air in line pushed into tank at start-up. At cut out, pressure immediately drops about 2lbs. and then holds steady. Some water hammer at...
  12. Jod5908

    My indirect hot water tank is overheating due to the way it was plumbed, looking for advice.

    My hot water circuit from the boiler that heats my indirect domestic hot water heater has flow through it any time one of the heating zones has flow regardless of whether it's separate circulation pump is running, causing my domestic hot water to heat to 180F and has now ruined the relief valve...
  13. Qudrcps

    Check-valve for Moen 2400 valve

    I have a circa 1970-71 condo with a Moen Bath-Sh0wer valve with a built in diverter. I assume this is the 2400 series. Being 50 years old, I'm not sure when the cartridge was last replaced, and the spool if ever. In cleaning this up, I did put in a new diverter (amazing what it is supposed to...
  14. ChrisCCCC

    Backflow prevention

    Hello. Searched the forum, but couldn't find an answer. My water well set up has an untreated hose bib for watering lawns before my water softener, and filters. When water is drawn from the untreated side, water backflows from my filters, softener, etc to pressurize the untreated system until...
  15. Havey

    Ritchie Livestock Water System

    Hello, I am looking to install a Ritchie Water System on the farm. I have a well with a submersible pump that runs 400 feet through the pasture and into the pressure tank in the house. The well line comes up through the floor in the basement. I also have water in the barn running from the same...
  16. Kevin71246

    Make a pump quiet check valve with a wye?

    I have a typical loud thump when my ejector pump goes off, obviously from my check valve. I went to the big box store but they don't sell 2" quiet/silent/klunkless CVs. They actually have a licensed plumber working there, which is a surprise. He told me when he installs pumps he puts a wye...
  17. Jcwright30

    Pressure Tank & Pump Setup with Elevated Cistern - Need Advice!

    First my setup (see pics): I have a spring fed cistern (600+ gallons). Call this at 600' above sea level. This cistern runs down to a bank barn. Call this at 500' above sea level. From the barn it feeds into the house. Call this 510' above sea level. I have a yard hydrant at the barn which...
  18. Nighthawk 84

    Do I need an additional check valve on top of the pump?

    I know this has been covered before, but I've heard it both ways. About a year ago I decided to take on installing our well pump myself. The local pump installer would only offer PVC drop pipe and I prefer poly. I am not a professional and I listen to what those that know what they're doing say...
  19. DaveY

    Water softener Check valve needed?

    So I'm just an average DIYer so treat me like an idiot. My water softener and sulfur machine both discharge vertically, run along the wall in a 5/8 (inside diameter) pipe and then tie into an 1 1/2" pipe. Sulfur remover is extremely loud when it goes off but I'm more worried about the discharge...


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