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Newbie here, thanks for your help with my research.

I am building a one story addition that is not tied to the existing plumbing system. I have a couple of questions regarding the DWV in the UPC.

3" main drain pipe runs to 4" sewer. There are four connections to this drain pipe, from upstream to downstream, they are as follows:

2" shower into horizontal 3x3x2 wye. Branch is about 3' from p trap to drain pipe and is approximately 2' upstream from vent.
2" vent from roof into vertical 3x3x2 wye. Also, if possible, would like to have washer drain into the vent.
2" lav into 3x3x2 wye horizontal. This branch is about 8' from drain pipe and will be vented to main vent by 2" above ceiling and is about 2" downstream of the vent.
3" WC into 3x3x3 wye horizontal. This is about 2' to 3" drain and about 3'6" downstream of the vent

Questions: Do I need an additional vent upstream or downstream in this system? If needed, can it be tied into the existing vent?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Yes. The lavatory is your vent for the bathroom group. The shower needs to tie in no more than 60" away from the connection to the lav connection or within 60" of the additional vent.. which then could be the vent for the bathroom group.
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