Water in conduit from well with concrete casing

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Purchased house which had old jet pump and wanted updated submersible pump. Once locating it in side of driveway, I had to install 1 1/2 - 36” concrete tile installed with the well casing within. It has a 36” lid and a 24” smaller access lid. Plumber installed new lines in new conduit connecting to existing pipe through basement wall. Both ends are about 5’ below grade. First spring no issues, but second was a disaster with water coming up well casing and following electrical conduit and into 4” conduit leading to basement. We were able minimize any water intrusion. The well had become an artisan well. Well company came and installed a plug into well casing but plumber never sealed 4” conduit leading to house. I entered the casing and dug below pipe and used pond spray form and Beninite to seal around pipe and electrical conduit. I then put 4’ of sand into concrete casing as ground water could be rising into empty void. I had used insulation foam on inside but wasn’t working.
Third spring I still got some water and realized it was seeping around the 24” access lid in gravel driveway. It would come in 30 minutes after hard rain. I have since put styrofoam rope under access lid and used pond spray foam around access lid and covered with rubber mat with gravel on top. It doesn’t get driven on but hopefully stops the surface water entering the concrete casing until the pump needs replacement and it will all need to be removed.
I have now removed all foam on inside of house and 2 gallons of water came through that was in conduit pipe.
Long story but wanted to provide steps and details.
I now can see well pipe and electrical conduit lead through inside wall into the new conduit the plumber installed.
I had though of digging outside and drilling a pilot holes for drainage but would lose control of where water will flow as it could create water around footings.

I am looking for advice on how to fill this 4” pvc pipe so water doesn’t come into house again. I have pond spray foam and duct seal. Not sure if any other products could do it or the process to get one chance to get it right. Is there a commercial spray foam company that does this?

Again, this is not a typical water intrusion from well, but someone may have had it happen.

Canadian Charby


Cary Austin
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Not sure what you are doing. A picture would help. But the well should have a pitless adapter and the casing should extend at least 18" above grade. The wire from the pump and conduit should come over the top of the casing. If the well is sealed to keep water from flowing out the top of the casing, the small hole in the well seal for the conduit can also be sealed.
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