Washer laundry sink upstairs master lav question remodel.

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Hi I was remodeling a house single wall construction. Chopped out all galvanized and cast iron waste and water replaced with copper and ABS in a 4 bath house.. I got stuck on the laundry sink washer box and catching the upstairs master bath lav using the existing 2 inch galvanized pipe in slab. I also used all the existing holes. I tried to wet vent the laundry sink downstairs with the master lav upstairs using a 2 inch ABS pipe. But after I did that I realized the 2 inch pipe would be sticking out of the wall downstairs after they furred out the wall upstairs. The owners wanted to put a countertop above the washer and dryer and laundry sink in a cabinet. The bottom of the washer box is at 44 inches above floor and the standpipe is 19 inches to the p trap. The top of new countertop above W/D will be 42 inches. they will notch the counter top for the washer hoses and drain. It gives 2 inches for the washer box trim plate. After I did all that I changed the wet vent since I knew that was wrong. It came out really goofy looking. Just wondering what would have happened if I did not change the wet vent pipe? I should have used a LT 1 1/2 90 to jog over on lav and washer box is too high can anyone find problems with this? I still have to secure the water lines better. There is a 2 inch cast iron cleanout in the floor but the c/o cap is corroded in probably a bear to remove. Thanks.


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