Vibrating Pipe at Rinnai Intake

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I live in an 11-year old house in MA, and over the past week the cold water intake to our Rinnai tankless heater has been vibrating on and off. Sometimes when we're using hot water - dishwasher or laundry - but also other times when everyone's in bed and nothing's running, hot or cold.

I flushed the unit because it was almost due for it anyway but it didn't address the issue. When the pipes start vibrating, closing the laundry room valve if the machine's not running can help to tamp it down. Last night the vibrations made their way up to the primary bedroom toilet and I had to close that off to stop the noise.

We do not have an expansion tank, and we haven't done any work on the house that would have impacted things. Any advice on how to address this would be greatly appreciate - thank you!

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