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I am drawing the mechanical part of the plans for a new build, client's a friend, a builder, this will be his hideaway, a little one bed one bath house on a slab.

The kitchen island sink is way out there, like Hawaii, surrounded by space with the nearest wall 7.5 feet to its center, it's an exterior wall, and the drains are in the other direction. The nearest stack with vent is a 2" and to even get it close, I gotta run the laundry box 2" over 5 feet before the stack. This stack is 17'6" (seventeen six) away from the island sink.

I had it drawn with an AAV under the sink, but he hates AAVs and says there will be no prob if we use a 2" and pipe it over 17'6 to tie into the drain from washer box with 2" stack above. This is a one story house.

We have no plumbing in exterior walls, and I am wary of putting anything like a 2.5" diameter vent pipe in one because it makes for a cold spot. This is deep freeze country.

The sink base in the island is a 33 inch box and the sink will take up most of the overhead except on either side of the faucet lines there will be a 4" wide space between the back of the sink and the back of the sinkbase carcase, maybe enough to poke an AAV head up in there to give it more overhead above the drain.

Don't know why his resistance to an AAV but he seems pretty firm. I'm thinking his idea of upsizing the drain to a 2 inch and running it way way over there to meet under a stack is pretty worthless.

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Too much to read there bubba.
It either can be built or it cant your just drawing it up gosh how hard is that? Its a damn shack in florida use an AAV for Christs sake! Sorry for being blunt but why do you care
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