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Hello Everyone,

Have had a plumber in a couple times but getting nowhere in regards to controlling the homes temperature accurately.

Not too familiar with boiler systems but have a good understanding of construction in general and am pretty handy. As I'm not familiar with boiler systems I wanted to check whether what I think should be done makes sense or if there's better/alternative solutions.

Issue: temperature in the house gets too hot all the time unless many manifold circuits are manually closed.

My understanding:
-Boilers temperature is controlled with outdoor temperature sensor - temperature of hot water
-Heating system pump is always on (assumed it's set to auto adjusting volume based on demand or a fixed speed - haven't played around with it).
-Manifold circuits there's 5 thermostat controlled actuators & 11 manually controlled actuators

I'd think the house is always too hot due to the pump always running and 11 manually controlled actuators always being open (unless I constantly adjust them manually to be closed/open). I assume that as long as the boiler is set to heating and many zones being manually open the house would indefinitely heat to being too hot.

Simplest solution?
-I'm thinking to add electric actuators to all manifold circuits that are currently manual. Add circuits to the 5 thermostats already in place throughout the house (essentially creating 5 zones). Looks like currently the thermostats are directly wired to the actuators. I'd imagine I'd need a control box that the thermostat ties into and then outputs to multiple actuators (as directly wiring I'm assuming the voltage draw of multiple actuators exceeds the voltage supplied by the thermostat).

Open to any feedback/solutions and whether I'm on the right track with this or misunderstanding anything. If my above solution is the best I'd love some suggestions on a control box that allows 1 thermostat to control 4-5 actuators each.

Thank you.


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