Switched to AAV during kitchen remodel... having problems

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Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. My kitchen is in the finishing stages of being remodeled (house built 1948). It has been nothing but problems, unfortunately, and I have unfortunately lost all trust with my contractor -- BUT, that aside, here's my issue. The existing vent line was initially thought to be a problem because it ran along the wall and the newly relocated dishwasher could not accommodate the width of the pipe. So, it was capped and replaced with a Studor mini-vent. I read about AAVs and had some concerns about this, but was told that these are common in Europe and it would not be an issue - that the main stack still has a vent.

Unfortunately, the sink is draining very (very) slowly now (i.e., water will sit in the sink for an hour before draining). There was nothing in the P-trap. We thought it may have been construction debris, etc. down the line, but that was ruled out when he disconnected the Studor vent and the water quickly evacuated the sink. He said he'd come back with a new Studor vent next week and that if this didn't work, he would cut a hole in the wall and place a pipe on the outside of the house to ventilate above my gutters. To me, this will look awful and is absolutely not going to happen.

So, what is the likelihood it is actually a Studor vent malfunction? Any other thoughts about what this could be? Part of me is wondering if there's actually an issue with the main stack that only became apparent with the reduction in flow with the AAV.

As it turns out, the German cabinetry I chose is two inches narrower and is offset from the wall with brackets by those two inches, so removing the pipe was actually not necessary after all. Part of me wants to demand them to put new pipe where the old pipe was to reconnect it back to the system as it was before, but this will likely be an issue with access given all the cabinets are now installed. If he had actually read the project plans he would have realized none of this had to be done in the first place, but this is just a long line of issues with them taking the easy way out.

Thank you again for any suggestions you may have in this situation.



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