Submersible stuck in 4 inch steel Case

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Cary Austin
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I had one and returned it. Useless. No moving parts, just an in-line restriction. It was not the expensive one with a screw on top and spring inside or whatever.
I'll have to search the site to see if a thread already exists for my project before duplicating one.
So, you are one of those two guys. In 30+ years there have only been 2 Cycle Stop Valves ever returned for credit. It wasn't that the CSV wasn't doing a good job, but rather the home owner didn't know a good thing when he saw it. Anyone who is use to and thinks a pump clicking on and off all the time is good, will not like a Cycle Stop Valve. Lol!

Oh, and there are lots of other threads discussing how bad it is to use safety cable, rope, stand offs, and torque arrestors in any well as they can cause the pump to get stuck and not come out. When a pump sticks in a well, you will break the cable and rope trying to pull it. Then the cable and rope fall in the well and cause a rats nest of a problem that is even harder to get out of a well. But I am sure that sounds incredulous to you, so you should use all of the above.
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