Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater – Tempra 29 Plus

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I get this year 2020 and since my wife are not happy with this heater my too but I can’t do nothing now until it get old and brake and after we can change for something better with less problems, we use to have a normal tank electric heater so when we want hot water we have and also when we use the faucet on middle to have a WARM water we have it to but with this German high quality Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater Tempra 29 Plus we CAN"T have warm water is either to HOT or cold at the time I send emails to the representative here in Canada and they told me the problem is not the Tankless heater is my ALL faucets and I told them we change ALL faucets at the same time we change the heater and I still have the problem after 2 years...

With the time I think I found the problem but I CAN'T resolved it because is look like is not possible, the Tankless need certain pressure to the heaters go on OK I understand that but the problem is when we ask for ONLY warm water and we turn the faucet to de middle the Tankless stop heat the water because is NOT ENOUGH WATER to activate de sensor to the heaters go on, that is my perspective of my problem


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First look at max temp is it turned on if it is turn it down to 125° also turn down temp set point 5° at a time. If set point is at 120° and won't turn on the heater by lowering the temp more hot water would be needed vrs cold and turn on the heater.
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