Smell after new toilets installed

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This has been a huge puzzle to me, and I am hoping someone with expertise can help.

I just moved into a "new" home (new to me), and two new toilets were installed, one in each bathroom. Nothing was wrong with the old ones, they were just very low as far as their height went and higher ones were desired.

The next day I noticed a nasty odor in the bathrooms, and the odor seemed to get worse over the next few days. I was not the only one who smelled it either.

At first I thought that because I was airing out the house due to new carpet smell the bathrooms were simply revealing odors that the new carpet smell had masked. But then I realized that I had already aired the house out extensively before the toilets were installed, and the new carpet smell had already been basically removed yet I did not smell that odor before the toilets were installed.

That was when I began to wonder if the new toilets could somehow be causing the odor. I also took into account that both bathrooms have cracks in the tile, and wondered if something smelly could have gotten under the tiles.

I called the plumber, who said he had never heard of anything like that and it would be a first if it was the toilets or anything under the tile causing the odor. He suggested I flush water down all the drains, in case the odor was coming from there, which I did extensively. This did not correct the odor.

About a little over a week after the toilets were installed, I noticed that the smell was starting to come and go. At times, I could not smell it, at others it returned.

Now, it is just over two weeks after the new toilets were installed, and I have not smelled the odor at all today, and just briefly yesterday.

Basically, the odor appeared and began to intensify after the toilets were installed, stuck around for a bit, then began to act as an intermittent odor, and has finally been fading further and further away.

I do feel this must somehow be related to the new toilet installation, given the timing of the odors appearance, and the way it intensified after the installation, but the plumber insists that is not possible. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you!


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You might have had a mouse that crawled in the wall or floor joists and died right about when the toilets were installed. I have had that happen myself in a bathroom and thought the wax seal had broken.

If you aren't smelling things now and the toilets work and there are no leaks, I'd leave well enough alone.
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