Retrofit Aerator to older septic? ELI5....

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Just had my 750 gal, 2-chamber tank pumped (every 4 years). It's got a pvc effluent filter on the outlet that I just remove and hose clean when pumped. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the tank or drain field since I've owned it, it was installed circa early 1990's under dubious permitting process in place at the time. Soil is excessively well drained. I'm motivated to keep it going as long as I can, time are a changing and the county went the opposite direction on septic rules and a replacement is north of 40k. No more burying 55 gal drums and piping a 3" line to 'em (a common septic installation in these parts...).

I asked the pump guy what I else I could do to extend the life. He mentioned he sees a lot of aerator pumps but has no idea how they work. I have a basic understanding of the principals of septic aeration and can google/install one easily, it seems. What makes a good retrofit aerator? Air line going into first tank? Second? Both? Some kind of chamber at the end of the air line? THere's lots of retro fit aerators for sale, what's legit?

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