Replacement for Brondell Swash s1000 suggestions

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I bought my first bidet toilet seat in 2010 before I had major hand surgery, a Biobidet 1000 and it was great. Only lasted 5 years (the seat cracked twice) and I replaced it in 2016 with a Brondell Swash s1000. Now my Swash is showing signs of a problem with the seat and I'm looking for a replacement. The Swash is great and this model seems sturdier than the Biobidet that I had. I'm looking for a replacement but in reading the online reviews the newer models are not looking as good and reliable as the s1000. The s1000 is only available now in the round.
I will stick with either Biobidet or Brondell as those have been around the longest unless someone can convince me otherwise. I am not looking for cheap, looking for one that will last. It is not fun trying to remove and install a new one when you have health issues and expensive to hire someone to do it. I want a new one that will last!
It MUST have a remote! I had a GFCI outlet installed next to the toilet so that is not a problem. Must have heated water, good selection of controls for water pressure and temperature as both the Brondell and Biobidet do.
From reading reviews online it seems like the quality of many of the bidet toilet seats have gone down as many things have since Covid. I would appreciate your suggestions and experiences as to quality on the bidet seats currently on the market. I am seeing prices $300-550
Thanks for your help!
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