Problems with TOTO Drake Toilets

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I had 3 Toto toilets installed by a plumber 6 months ago.

3 X 1061364 Drake 1.28 GPF toilet Tank with washlet + auto flush compatibility – cotton white – ST776EA301

3 X 1061366 Drake Elongated Tornado Flush Toilet Bowl with Cefiontect – cotton white - C776CEG#01

1 x Toto Softclose non slamming, slow close elongated toilet seat and lid, cotton white - SS124#01

First problem: Toto toilet seat is making loud noises when lowering after two months.

The toilet was closed all the time. It was seldom up. Please refer to the first video. It was replaced under warranty. I heard the same noise once last month.

Second problem: There was a small chip inside the bowl and it was replaced under warranty by the plumber assistant 3 days ago. My wife was talking to the assistant while he was working on the toilet. She noticed wax from the previous wax ring was still on the flange which was not removed completely and the new wax ring was installed over the old wax. I have attached a photo which shows the wax oozing out from the bolt cap.

My wife used the toilet the next day for the first time. She noticed it did not flush properly like the previous one with the short flush. The toilet paper would flush but then some toilet paper would flow back to the toilet bowl at the end of the flush.

I contacted the plumber and he indicated “the wax has been installed perfectly. There is no issue with the wax. For the mean time please hold the lever down for 1 second longer to allow enough water down through the flapper to complete the flush.” My family always used the short flush for all the Toto toilets and they would flush everything away.

Please refer to the videos. I have used one piece of toilet paper to illustrate the problem.

As you can see the first short flush has problem flushing away the toilet paper. After one minute later the short will flush away the toilet paper. It seems the second flush is stronger than the first flush. I am not sure what the problem is.

Thank you for your help!


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