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New to the forum and looking for help with a domestic well line on our farm. We have 2hp well controller located at the well head approx 3/4 mile from our house. Put in a new controller last year and has been working fine with 118psi at the controller and 48psi at the spigot outside the house. When we returned from a trip on Tuesday all was good for 2 days after turning the water back on. We typically turn water off to the house at the curb stop to drain the house lines bc we have very cold weather here. Then today, the pressure regulator valve started to discharge. Thought the valve was bad so replaced it and it all was good until it wasn't and about 2 hrs after putting in the pressure relief valve the valve started to discharge at a high rate. This is a typical 3/4"/75psi pressure valve located before the house bladder tank. The pressure guage on the opposite side of the tank showed about 32psi and the tank, if think it's around 30gal with a 25psi precharge that is registering at 25psi at the nipple. The question is, if nothing changed what is causing the pressure to build to the point that it triggers the relief valve? It appears like the tank is in working order. There is no electrical pressure regulator at the house tank and the system has been fine for the 3+ years since we got the place, all this was installed and in working order when we moved in. Tomorrow I will be plumbing in a discharge line to the outside to address this closet area getting soaked but that won't fix the pressure problem. Attached photo shows the water service line in from right, the new relief valve on right and pressure guage on left.


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There must be a pressure switch somewhere? I am guessing it is the "controller" you are talking about at the well head? It is not normal or wise to have a pressure switch a long distance from the pressure tank. Your gauge is probably bad. What usually causes a 75 PSI pressure relief valve to pop off is the pressure switch not shutting the pump off when it should. Find the switch and check the nipple it is screwed onto as it could be clogged.
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