Plumbing Vent Pipe Relocation

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I am remodeling my shower, which leaked over the course of 20 years and left me with rotten floors and joists (fun!). Anyway, the missus asked me if we could change the existing niche to be an "infinity niche" (wall to wall niche). I noticed that the niche wall, which is along exterior wall, was actually a fake wall, presumably so a header and tough framing modifications could be avoided. I told the missus that an infinity niche should be fairly easy then.

My main problem is this vertical plumbing vent stack. Would there be a huge issue with putting a 45 elbow in this vertical to get it into the exterior, insulated wall for the length of the niche, and then 45 back to the existing vertical pipe? I am seeing different things online about how a vertical vent may or may not be able to have bends in it. There looks to be an elbow in this vent pipe anyway... pictures uploaded.

I'm in NJ - it gets cold here but prolonged severe freezes are not common.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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There is zero issue using 45's to offset a vent around your new niche.

The problem is that since this is such a simple operation, this thread will end up being 5 pages.
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