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The attached photo is in my basement.

Can a plumber run a camera in a U shape direction, where it goes down a couple of feet (the right-hand side of the "U") and then instead of continuing in a downwards direction, it makes a 180 degree bend and goes straight up (the left-hand side of the "U")? I would like a plumber to access the 4" cast iron vent stack via the cleanout on the 3" white pipe that is the drain line for a toilet on the first floor. There may be a clog in that 4" stack and that is by far the easiest way to access it. (Our vent stack does not go in a vertical line from roof to basement. A plumber once tried to clear a clog from the roof and discovered bends above the 2nd floor.) Is it possible to guide the camera so that it doesn't follow the pipe downwards to go below the basement's concrete floor but instead travels up the cast iron pipe?

If this is not possible, can a plumber do this with a snake?

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No on both accounts. A cleanout Tee would need to be installed in the 4" stack in order to feed a camera Up the stack.

Most plumbers would prefer to pull the toilet upstairs and feed the camera down the line.
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