Pentair Fleck 5810 vs. 5800 vs. Hydrotech (Canature) 165

Fix 5810 Myself vs. New 5800 vs. New Hydrotech 165?

  • Fix out-of-warranty Fleck 5810 SXT myself for $55+tax

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  • Replace Fleck 5810 with Fleck 5800 with new 5-year-warranty for $100

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  • Replace Fleck 5810 with Hydrotech 165 with new 5-year-warranty for $100

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Hi all,

My Pentair Fleck 5810 SXT 60k grain water softener, which I had installed about 5 years ago, stopped working as it got stuck in a drain cycle. Upon doing some research (on here and watching @ditttohead's YouTube videos) and opening the valve to inspect the piston (pictures here), I determined that I have to buy a piston, seal, and spacer kit and replace those parts. I called around a bunch of local and online dealers and found prices ranging from $55 to $200.

I also contacted the original dealer who I purchased my 5810 softener from and he gave me some alternate offers. The 5810 is now discontinued, my warranty just finished (perfect timing!), but he wants to help. He no longer carries Pentair and deals with Hydrotech (owned by Canature?) now.

I have 3 options:

1) Replace my 5810 softener's piston, seal, and spacer by myself. My total cost = $55+tax.

2) Original dealer replaces my 5810 with a Pentair Fleck 5800 valve with a new 5-year warranty. He'll be getting 60% of the value of my 5810 back from Pentair. My total cost = $100.

3) Original dealer replaces my 5810 with a Hydrotech 165 valve with a new 5-year warranty. My total cost = $100.
I'm assuming the Hydrotech 165 is part of their 65 series models (565 or 765).

It is very hard to find reviews of these different softener companies and models. The dealer says he's only had a couple of service calls for the Hydrotech since 2016. But he also admits that the 5810 was supposed to be the end-all be-all softener back when he installed it in 2018 and it turned out not to be.

If you guys have any advice on which option I should go with, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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