Need individual vents for shower & vanity connected to Saniflo toilet?

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I’m installing a Saniflo upflush toilet with shower and vanity connected. The shower trap arm will be shorter than 5 ft., and the pump unit will be vented as required.

The folks at Saniflo told me that with trap arms that short, I don't have to individually vent the shower and vanity drain lines. That doesn't sound right, though, since it seems the traps would siphon.

Don't I need individual vents? I could tie them in to the vent from the pump unit, above the shower pan lip on the shower side and at least 42” up on the vanity side, right?

Separately, I thought I’d be super smart and remove some concrete to enable lowering the shower trap and pan. Saniflo says the pan must be on an eight-inch high platform, but I assumed that was just to allow room for the trap.

When I asked Saniflo, though, they said the extra height is needed because the pump doesn’t switch on until the water inside reaches a certain height, and that lowering the shower pan will result in standing water in the shower as the pump cycles—including some water from the toilet! Yuck!

They said I could remove concrete to lower the pump unit itself, but only by about one inch, since lowering the pump any more would cause the angle down from the toilet to be too steep. Any thoughts on this? Thanks very much!
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The vanity has a trap at about your knee height it needs a vent at about your knee height. The shower should get its air from the vanity if it's piped correctly.
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