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I am in the process of modifying our laundry room layout. We have had our washer/dryer side by side but in order to have a laundry room sink, we are going to stack our washer dryer on the fright side and install the sink on the left, where the washer currently is.

My question is around what the appropriate route for the plumbing should be. I don’t want the washing machine to drain into the sink.

My current plan is to raise the dryer power outlet and tie the laundry plumbing hookups in between those 2nd/3rd studs from the right. My confusion is really around the right way to tie the drains into the existing plumbing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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the 2way I would do it in my UPC code I'd come through floor as it is put a 2 inch santee at desired height put a 2 x1 1/2x1 1/2 santee for laundry sink at desired height , stub out for sink connect to existing vent . drill through 2 studs for trap arm and trap relocate box.

Disregard if you need to comply to IPC .
If its IPC there is a few options bring a 3 inch waste through floor and plumb accordingly. rough in for a sink only and run washer hose to sink or last option is drill one stud run a 2 inch trap arm into next bay install a 2x2x1 1/2 inch santee on standpipe with a waste running to sink ( note no ptrap on sink ) 30 inch max length center of stand pipe to center of sink drain
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