Low water pressure possible PRV failure ???

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Hello All,

I'm having a problem with low water pressure through out the whole house. I've done some research and it sounds like my PRV is failing. I replaced it 9 years ago due to it leaking and the one I replaced was only 2 years old at the time. When I turn on hot or cold water from any faucet or shower in the house I would say the first 2-3 seconds is what I would consider our water pressure to be normal then it goes down about 20% I would say. This happens anytime even if the hot water heater has ran or has been off for a while. Therefore, I don't believe it's a thermal expansion issue. I checked my water pressure on an 2 outside spicket and it read exactly 50 psi. I then checked it inside and at the washing machine hook on both the hot and cold side and the reading was 45-46 psi. I don't understand how I was getting more outside then inside. The spickets are plumbed after the PRV. I would understand if they were plumbed before it. Does this sound like a failing PRV? The house is 12 years old and I'm on a slab. Thank You for any help.
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