Kinetico Mach Bypass valve seals

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I have a 4060S OD system that has been rebedded, new seals, etc. but still was passing water that is too hard. I followed the troubleshooting guide and have determined that the bypass valve has a bad/torn seal and is allowing raw water (which is very, very hard well water) to mix with the treated water bringing it to 2 grains per gallon based on a Hach 5B test. Following the troubleshooting guide, while the unit is in service, the treated water from the brine connection is 0 grains.

I opened the bypass valve and sure enough one of the seals is torn. The Kinetico dealer where I normally am able to buy parts has said they are unable to obtain the seals in order to replace them and I'll have to buy a new valve for $140. Since I have 2 valves that apparently are leaking I'm looking at almost $300 for what should be $20 or so in parts. Unfortunately it's not a simple set of O-rings as they are an H design with the inner & outer rings being connected together with 2 vertical bits forming a continuous seal.

Looking for suggestions/options. I'm thinking of just blocking the bypass capability since I really never use that feature.
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