Is my Taco circulator pump working?

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There is a Taco 007-F5 circulator pump on my Utica boiler, and I can't tell if it's working properly. I get heat to the upstairs zone okay, but no heat for the downstairs zone. I tested that the zone valves work -- I can feel there is hot water on both sides of each zone valve.

If the circ pump was not working, would it be possible to get heat only to the top zone?

Since the Taco circ pumps are very quiet, I put my finger nail against the edge to see if I could feel any vibration. I also tried a screwdriver as an amplifier. I could not feel anything. I put my hand around the pump, and it does not seem to get warm.

On the bottom floor, the output heated water pipe stays above ground (and is hot/warm) for quite a bit, but then it does go below the slab for 20 feet before coming back up into the radiators, so it is possible to have some frozen water in there, but I have no way to warm up that pipe below the slab.
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