I could use some help with broken tub overflow screws- second set of holes?

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Despite, tapping on the screws, trying to gently work them both forward and backward, I snapped both of the rusted screws. I have read several posts of hit or miss drilling out of the screws. I live in the rusty north east, so I am familiar with this on outdoor equipment and cars. I am not so sure how successful I will be with this, but have extractors, left hand bits, carbide burrs, etc... BUT....there are a second set of holes, as described in this post below from this forum in 2020:

"The tub/shower is a standard fiberglass style. The drain/overflow assembly is a Watco 500 series made from tubular plastic and ties into the ABS trap with a slip joint. The overflow drain has two sets of screw holes, one for the cover plate and one for retainer plate. The plumbers didn't use the retainer plate and either just screwed the actual retainer screws in without the plate or just screwed a couple construction screws in those holes. Either way the overflow is leaking around the retainer screws."

So, what are these extra holes for and can they be of use to me for this? Rather than trying to drill these out, can I use these other holes? The shower tub is a fiberglass insert and has been in place since 1987. Thanks.
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