How long can I wait to replace these cast iron drain pipes?

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Hello. I am new the the forum. My condolences for the loss of Terry. I've heard this place is really unique amidst forums for the trades and look forward to engaging with the community.

Below are videos of my cast iron drain pipes from 2021 and then again about 18 months later after being snaked twice (for same clog) of toilet paper because the toilet leaked from the base and a plunger didn’t work.

Seeking your advice to evaluate 3 options:

1.) Do nothing (each toilet will have bidet seats and minimal toilet paper to be used)

2.) Clean them and see what they look like after (what is the safest method for this?)

3.) Spend $15-20K from my emergency fund now to replace accessible ones with PVC and use Perma-Liner CIPP for the rest. There is about 120ft total of drain pipe in the house.

March 2021

August 2022:

I’m currently in the middle of a light renovation before moving in, with a limited budget remaining as it has gone on much longer than expected.

If possible, I would like to wait until after moving in and saving more money, but am concerned waiting too long could result in the harder to reach pipes becoming ineligible for CIPP. Breaking the slab inside and trenching will cost a lot more than $20K after restoration.

Additional Details: Single family home of about 2000 sq. ft. built in late 1950s. Location is Miami, FL. Septic tank is in good shape and was replaced a few years ago. Drywall for 2 of the 4 vent stacks is already open during the renovation and they’re accessible if needed.
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