Help wiring Panasonic fan FV-0510VSCL1 with Panasonic switch FV-WCCS2-W

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Please help me figure out how to wire this fan to this switch: Panasonic fan FV-0510VSCL1 with Panasonic switch FV-WCCS2-W.

The Light has a black, white and blue wire. The fan has a black, white, and two red (signal wires). There is one common ground for the fan/light unit.

The switch has blue, red, black, white, & ground. I have a single gang box with 14/2 bringing power from a GFCI circuit, and 14/4 going from the box to the fan/light in the ceiling.

I connected grounds together. Wire nut connected neutral whites together.
The blue switch wire connects to the blue 14/4 which connects to the blue light wire.
After that it gets confusing...
Connect the hot black to the switch (according to the switch diagram).
the fan diagram indicates a separate switch for the black fan wire and a separate switch for the black light wire.

What do I use the black 14/4 wire for?

How to I connect the two red wires to the single red wire on the switch?

This is a complete rebuild of the bathroom, so I have the walls open and can run additional wires. I don't want to have multiple switches, but I'm not sure how to connect this fan to this switch. The Panasonic website says they are compatible, but I'm not so sure now.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Fan Wiring - FV-0510VSCL1.png
Fan FV-0510VSCL1 - 4 switches.png
more Fan FV-0510VSCL1.png
Wiring - FV-WCCS2-W.png


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The Panasonic website says they are compatible, but I'm not so sure now.
(Sorry for the late reply.) I'm surprised that the Panasonic website would say that, as the fan is a "smart fan" while the switch is "smart switch" intended to control a dumb fan.

So the intention must be to use the fan as a dumb fan--this would mean relying on the humidity control on the switch, as the fan unit would need constant power to be able to turn itself on when its internal humidity sensor says to, while the fan would only be getting switched power.

To do that, you'd power the switch with the incoming hot (black) and neutral (white) as typical. On the 14/4 going to the fan location, you'd again tie black and white into incoming hot and neutral, respectively, and you can tie red to switch red, blue to switch blue.

Then at the fan unit, all the whites get connected together. The two fan reds get connected together. The 14/4 red from the switch goes to the fan black to control the fan. And the 14/4 blue goes to whichever light you want to control with the switch--I think the light leads are black for the main light and blue for the night light. If you want the night light to be on all the time, you could tie the 14/4 black to it and the 14/4 blue to the main light. Otherwise, cap the 14/4 black, it won't be used.

If you wanted to add a second switch in the switch box to switch the 14/4 black, then you could use the 14/4 black and blue to control both lights independently.

Another option is to ditch the smart switch, and rely on the humidity sensor in the fan. But to do that you'd need to add another 14/2 alongside your 14/4, and you'd need 3 switches at the switch box, one for fan, one for main light, one for night light. Or just two switches if you don't want to control the night light (could be always off or always on). And in the latter case, you could still do it all with the existing 14/4 wire, no extra 14/2, if you are willing to install a small relay at the fan.

If any of the options in the previous paragraph appeal to you, and this answer is still timely, just respond and I can spell out whichever option you like.

Cheers, Wayne
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