Help opening cast iron main cleanout, with galvanized adaptor instead of a cap.

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So I have an issue with roots getting into the clay tile sewer line out of my house. I've had a plumbing company come in and look at it with a camera and try to hydro jet it, but the issue is access.

I am on a slab and the main cleanout is in the laundry room, next to an outside block wall of the house. The cleanout is within the utility closet and right next to the main water line, coming out of the slab, a copper gas line for the dryer, also coming from the slab, and the water line for the outdoor spigot, into the slab.

The problem is a previous owner put what looks like a galvanized adapter on the cleanout, with a 2 in galvanized pipe from it. The plumber told me that because of this galvanized adapter, it has probably rusted and seized onto the cast iron. He doesn't even want to touch it because if that cast pipe breaks, it becomes a huge job.

His solution is adding a cleanout outside the house, about 4 feet out, where the cast iron end and joins the clay pipe. This is about 4 feet down, but is also right next to the sprinkler feed, with lines and wires in all directions, as well as a 25 yr old weeping redbud tree that would have to be removed. Quote for adding cleanout and hydro-jetting down to the street is about $7k, not included the tree removal.

Here are photos of the cleanout. They were able to partially hydro-jet the roots by removing the toilet in the bathroom about 10 feet from the cleanout, but the number of turns was too much to use the larger head. I also want to sleeve the sewer line so the roots don't come back and further damage the line.

Thoughts on how to get this off???


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first off Id give it twist a bit gentle with out a 4 foot cheater bar LOL. If I was chicken Id then cut the nipple around a inch above the cast and make a series of vertical slits from the inside through the gal, and bust the pieces out . but whats the big deal what will that help?
how does removing the galvinized change his scope the 7000 dollar job gets done just as good for reduced price ?


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A decent plumber would get a Sawzall cut the nipple 2" above the threads and cut the threads from inside the pipe and then install a proper plug.

Also water Jetting is NOT for roots although many try it and end up stuck as you can't put a Jetter in reverse.

Ideally Cables are for hard stoppages RAGS, ROOT, Pampers etc. Jetting is for soft stoppages, soil, grease, soap scum.

Life in the big city taught me to cut the bushing from the inside carefully use a chisel after cutting the bushing in two places and knock out that section and CAVE the bushing in. Then they have a FITSALL plug incase the existing threads are damaged.
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