Help: Clack WS1CI 45k Setup Advice needed (Guru's please weigh in)!

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Claremont, MN
Hey guys, need some advice in determining the most optimal settings for my 45k grain capacity Clack WS1CI Water Softener.

Water Hardness: 16 (City treated well water, rural SE Minnesota)

Soulable Iron Present: 1ppm (no other house filters)

Family Size: 5

Monthly Average Gallons of Water Used: 5,000 (1169 weekly)

Resin Tank Size: 10x54

Resin Bed: 1.5cu ft

Exchange Capacity Kilograms: Min 29k / Mid 39k / Max 45k

Salt Per Regeneration LBS / Regen: Min 8 / Mid 15 / Max 22.5

Brine Tank Size: 18x33 (375lbs Salt Capacity)

With the aforementioned values / numbers in mind ...

1) How would you best configure / dial in your Clack WS1CI head on the programmable settings?

2) With a fresh / new install, in my situation how much water would you add to the brine tank?

Feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
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