Faucet identification help / cartridge replacement?

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Hi all,

We have 3 of these unidentified faucets in our house, and every one of them has a slow leak around the hot valve side, which slowly seeps water onto the countertop. I have just started to try to tackle this to see if it can be fixed by re-seating or replacing a cartidge, or perhaps washers. Unfortunately I have been unable to disassemble it far enough to figure out whether it is one or the other, and of course, the cosmetics are now worse for wear from failed attempts to unscrew the base.


With the valve handle removed, there is a nylon bushing that can be pulled up clear of the actual valve stem, but it is slightly too large to be pulled out the top opening (or so it seems).

There are no lock screws visible, to remove the base to expose anything further, so I have tried to unthread the base, or pry it off, but neither seems to be promising at this point. Loosening the base from below didn't yield any other clues. No brand markings are visible above or below the countertop.


Due to the cosmetic damage, I may already be at the point of replacing at least one of the faucets, but any advice appreciated to see if the others can be salvaged.
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