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building a new detatched garage.it is board and batten exterior.i ran the wiring for the barn lights above the garge door.well nit thinking the wiring is ran just above the end truss.from where the wire exits the garage wall the is no room to cut for junction box because of truss.plus I already have the board and batten with the hole for the wire so I can't just move it up.my question is can the wire from the light just go into the garge interior and I make the connection in a junction box .? I would then just screw the light bracket directly into the board and batten and into a 2x4 behind the wall the barn light does have a seal on the base.all my wires are 12-2 so a pancake box won't work.im in Tennessee thanks


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all my wires are 12-2 so a pancake box won't work.
Is the back of the light fixture that mounts over the box a solid flat piece of metal in contact with the box, or is there some interior volume of the light fixture that will communicate with the box? In the latter case the light fixture's volume can be added to the pancake box volume when considering box fill. The light fixture is supposed to have the volume marked on it, but even if it doesn't, that's a smaller issue that the alternatives you considered.

Otherwise, I'd suggest adding a mounting block over or cut into the siding that will be deep enough to encompass a recessed box of sufficient size.

Cheers, Wayne
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