Detached Shop - Adding Bathroom - Need to tap into main line - Advice Please

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Hello All, and thanks for reading this. I am new here but am a regular on several Camaro forums and I know the importance of researching before asking, which I have done. I have read quite a few threads here and elsewhere on this topic but did not anything that really appeared related to my concerns.

I have a detached shop and I am adding a bathroom. The main line to the house runs 100' thru the backyard to the cIty line. My shop sits half-way between the house and the city sewer line, so I would like to tap in at the mid-point. I have already excavated a 3'x3' hole and found that I have a 4" main line. In researching the various T's (taps) it appears a 4"x4"x3" DWV PVC combo Wye with a 1/8 bend Is what I think would work best, but there is also the 4"x4"x3" DWV PVC combo Wye , without the 1/8, which is more of a 45 degree.

The main line is 30" below grade, however the shop is 8" higher and 40' away. If my math is correct, If I come out of the shop at 24" deep, that is a 14" elevation, which would give me about 1/8-1/2" slope per foot.

Can anyone advise which of the Wye's (or neither) would be the best choice, and do the Wye's need to be installed "flat", so both runs are on the same plane, or can you have the fitting at 10-15 degree angle which would come in right off the slope from the shop.

Thoughts/Input would be greatly appreciated. I have the main line exposed and already have tunnel under the slab, The next step is a trencher and the pipe install. Also, I guess, I might also ask....., most youtube video's indicate to install extensions on the 4" ends of the Wye and then cut the main line accordingly and install with rubber boots. Is this the best practice ?

Thanks to all !
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