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Water source: municipality and I don't have any iron issue.

Hi all, thanks for having a very informative water softener forum.
In short, I bought my home in 2004 which already had the big box store type of water softener having the resin tank in the brine container. It served me well for a few years until it was shot and not worth my time to rework it. It was replaced with a 3M Aquapure model #CWS200ME which I purchased through approximately 10 years ago. I think the resin bed isn't what it used to be and see the beginning of mineral deposits in a white powdery form in the hot water urn and water pressure is somewhat diminished all signs of bad resin. I've added several times the water softener cleaners to the brine water prior to a regeneration without lasting results. Did my research and ordered new resin along with a new riser tube and distributor basket to be on the safe side incase it is damaged.

Reading here there's plenty of explanations regarding salt efficiency and the various ways to set up and control it. The problem I have is the CLACK head I have allows only adjustment for a set number of days or a hardness setting which when adjusting it higher will yield me less gallons capacity till regeneration is necessary. As far as how many pounds of salt the brine uses I can't seem to figure out if there's adjustability. The manual linked below on page 8-1 has "Rated Softening Capacity (Grains)" (34,100 @ 8.0 lbs) (salt 45,000 @ 12.0 lbs salt) (56,800 @ 24.0 lbs salt) but not sure how to understand it. On the forum I read I can add water prior to the regeneration cycle to take advantage of more brine draw within that cycle. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, ALLAN. Overview.pdf
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My memory is hazy about this. I think you may have the "dumbed down" version of the clack ws 1 valve and/or it is set up for easier diy installation. I can't find past discussions about this and whether you can over ride the valve to get deeper into the programming. Other Clack WS 1 manuals include a step to adjust salt lbs. use. Sorry I cannot help more. I hope a Clack expert shows up to help you.
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