Cap Propane Line to Stove Heater

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I would like to remove a propane stove heater in my trailer and cap the propane line for possible future use.

I would like to cap this line from my propane tank and push it back down through the hole in the floor. It will not fit through the hole with the valve on the line.

Measured Sizes:
A-B Thread: about 1.00”
B-C Thread: about 0.75”

Can I do this:

Shut off gas main supply.
Hold B, back off A, remove line.
Separate B-C.
Cap B with brass NPT Female, use yellow tape.
Connect A-B again.
Push back through hole and secure.

What sized cap do I need? Link?


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The supply comes from the Yellow?

If so you want to back off A from B and be ready to retrieve 2 halves of a split ring that you will NEED to save for reinstallation. Note where and how the split rings are positioned on the CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) for future placement. They usually have a sticky waxy material on them to help hold them in place which sometimes help to fling them into unfindable locations where they procreate with dust bunnies. DO NOT lose those split rings! A & B form the self flaring assembly needed to go back together on the other side so save those too. Before you take anything under with you, thread a cap or plug onto B so you don't have to do it elsewhere. Bring a drop cloth or a tarp with you. When you drop the split rings they will end up just on the perimeter of the tarp so make sure its not too large. On the other/under side place A over the CSST and place the split rings in the same manner that you took them apart. Do Not loose them. Then slide A over the split rings and engage it to B. You will thread A onto B while holding B still in comparison to the CSST as A tightes B to the CSST. Test for leaks by using an Approved leak detecting solution. DO NOT USE detergent soaps because they Will corrode the CSST tubing.
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