Cap hose bibb after temporarily removing valve stem?

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I have two hose bibb/faucets in my garage, one for cold water and one for hot. The cold water is connected to a utility sink and works fine. The hot water, however, appears to leak from the valve stem somewhere when it is turned on. So I have it turned off for now.

A plumber looked at it recently and said the valve stem was bad and needed to be replaced (pinhole in the stem, maybe?). I thought the washer was the culprit but last time I attempted to replace the washer, I couldn't get the washer screw off and eventually gave up.

I really want to remove the valve stem for an extended period of time, so I can either work on it at my leisure, or shop around for a new one. However, there is no shut-off valve to this hose bibb, and I need to shut off the main water supply. We have a 6-month old baby, so I don't like shutting it off for too long.

My question is: Can I remove the valve stem and then use a brass cap on the bibb to temporarily stop the water flow? (After turning the main back on). Will that be too much pressure on the packing nut and faucet handle?

On a side note, it is a frost free valve stem, 11" in length. I can post some pictures of my setup, if needed.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!



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So you had a plumber over.
Now you have a plan.
Forget the plan, just do as sylvan recommends.
When buying a hose bib, you have to get the same as you have, for a good fit.
Do you have the right hand tools and supplies? Well, get to work.
Hey, wait a minute.

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