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Ongoing (20 year) water quality problems. I am wondering if a Big Blue type (2 or 3 stage) is something that will help. All water specialists we have had come in over the years are salespersons and we have not had much success.

No real specifics on water quality, testing to be done in the near future. I can't locate the test results from 2 year ago, new drilled well (125ft) after old well was decommissioned. Same issues from old well to new well

Extremely high tds (2635 ppm) after testing at kitchen sink. (We do have an RO system for drinking water that reduces it to the 50ish ppm range. Also we have sulphur and high iron. Water hardness also is off the scales. I understand specific testing will help with recommendations better.

We have (in the following order) a peroxide injection system, pressure tank, iron filter, contact/holding tank, 2 column water softener (and as mentioned, a RO only to drinking tap).

The amount of water scale around the house on fixtures and everything the water touches is off the charts. It's almost at a point where my wife wants to move after being here 20 years, as we seem to be dealing with water issues on a monthly basis.

My main questions until I get more comprehensive test results are;
- in your opinion, will a Big Blue type filter assist our scaling issue
- with such a high TDS, would we be looking at replacing filters on a weekly basis (I'm thinking 50 micron) - family of 4, two bathrooms
- if you think a cartridge type filter would help, where in the line should I have it installed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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