Amana heat pump question

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Mike Wargo

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Lehighton, Pa.
I had an Amana heat pump (16 SEER). installed back in June 2021. The AC seemed to work good all summer. Now it is November/ December and the Heat is on. The outside temp. the last two weeks was around 20 - 30 degrees.
The heat pump is keeping the house temp at 74 degrees, but I can hear something running almost constantly. It is a two stage system with a variable speed air handler. The service guy was out about two weeks ago, and made a few changes because it was not working properly at all when we got back from Florida. But my concern is that something is running constantly. I can hear different speeds when the heat pump kicks in and off, I guess. When everything shuts down, and I hear no air blowing, it only lasts about three minutes, then the air flow starts again. Is this normal, and I just have to get used to the air noise ?? Thanks, Mike


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Peace valley missouri
When unit goes into defrost mode ( outside coil frosts up) outside unit runs indoor blower is off. Model number needed to see if i can find info on defrost mode. Outside unit .
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