Advice on hood vent (range/ stove) duct work connections.

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Adding a hood vent, cant seem to find answer on how to properly hook up the vent to the duct work.

I know the basics of slips and drives, and round duct crimped/uncrimped male/female. looked around and seen a few hook up the takeoff or collar to the under cabinet duct. They all seemed like a hack job. I took the removable approach I seen, clearly a hack job, but It was temporarily installed as I found a lack of walls behind my kitchen cabinets and cabinet soffit. Now that I got the drywall done I want to install this properly and sealed.

The cut out on the hood vent is rectangular 3 1/4 x 10. I used the rectangular through the cabinets then transitioned to 6" round out the wall.

Atm there the rectangular duct comes out the bottom of the cabinets is cut at the edge and folded over the mounting area and metal duct tape is used to seal it. The top of the hood vent had foam gasket retro fitted so when it was pushed in to place and screwed on it would seal.

not sure how air tight that is, it worked, but now is the time to install the drywall to the soffit and want it done right. how do I connect this to the cabinet duct work? should it be made easy to remove so the duct can be cleaned or what?

I have a section of rectangular I made that I could use as a custom take for the vent, and then just trim the duct in the cabinet and slip an drive it, but It would hard to remove then. can you tape slip and drive with out using the drives?

See photos.

Also does that look like enough mastic on my round seam, you can still see the fiber tape. it did not leak when tested.

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