wall hung toilet

  1. thetoolsmith

    Connecting 2" drain to 3" Toilet drain?

    I'm trying to plan out my new plumbing to connect a wall hung toilet to and existing 2" drain and vent. In the image below the new wall hung toilet is covered in black plastic to help keep things clean. The old 3 inch drain is in the left bay and turns vertical down through a 2x4 supporting wall...
  2. thetoolsmith

    ABS to Wall Hung Toilet through a Floor Joist?

    I'm installing a Toto wall hung toilet as part of our bathroom renovation and wanted to get some feedback on putting a 3" ABS pipe through an adjacent 2x10 floor joist that sits on a wall partition below. Hopefully with my sketch and photos I can relay what I'd like to do. The current 3" pipe...
  3. ToiletChallenged

    Wall hung toilets and noise

    Hello - does anyone have experience to share regarding the relative noise level of wall hung toilets vs. traditional floor mounted toilets AND and differences between manufacturers and models of wall hung toilets? Thank you very much
  4. Pbsea

    Alleviate Wall Hung Toilet Play/Flex

    Hi, Installed a toto wall hung toilet on to a Geberit Wall Carrier, I've since noticed a small amount of play/flex on the toilet which I'm assuming is from the drywall between the toilet and the carrier getting compressed. Is there a solve for this? Is this something I should be worrying...
  5. downtowner

    Smallest wall hung toilet length for new powder room

    Hi, We are creating a new powder room inside of an existing living room and want to make it as compact as possible. I gather code requires a 30" width, and 21" in front of the toilet. I see that Duravit makes a toilet that is a little more than 15" long, and it can be combined with a Grohe...
  6. KWS4116

    Wall Hung Toilet Replacement

    We have an older home from the 1960s, and one of the bathrooms has a wall mounted toiled. The model (Kohler) is super old, huge, heavy, and is slowly leaking at the wall. We need to replace it, and I'm curious whether you can swap a wall mount w/ exterior tank with a floor mounted rear outlet. I...
  7. Andrew Pirrello

    Wall hung toilet

    Hi all, My question is regarding a Wall hung toilet. Would venting out of the 2" hub in the low heal, then 90-ing with a street elbow and connecting the toilet with a shielded Fernco be permissible? I included a couple pictures to make visualizing it easier.
  8. Elizabeth

    Wall toilet loosening

    I have had a wall toilet with no problems for over 10 years. The other day the seat came loose for the first time, and when it slipped and jerked, the two pairs of washers and end nuts came off on just one side. When I tried to put them back on, the posts were not sticking out enough to...
  9. Terry

    Norris Thermador wall hung toilet, 1965 vintage

    Here is a picture of a Norris wall hung toilet from 1965. This was installed in the family home and replaced ten years ago with a 1.6, which worked better than the five gallon Norris.
  10. mjhandyi

    Moving Toilet Flange for Wall Hung Toilet

    Hey all, I'm working on a small bath room remodel currently and was thinking about putting a wall hung toilet and sink in. To do so, I was planning on adding an additional 2x4 half-wall frame adjacent to the existing wall to fit the Gerberit system in...
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