vanity drain

  1. M

    Bathroom Remodel Options - Double Sink Vanity & Drainage

    Hi All, First time poster and first time remodeling a bathroom. I'm looking to add a double sink vanity where there used to be just a single sink. As shown in the attached images, the old drain pipe came out of the shower wall and through the side of the old vanity (Image 1) with no vent or...
  2. Kobieshow24

    Vanity sink drain nut wont come off

    the drain nut holding the sink to the vanity is a flat piece of round metal and has no indentions to be able to screw it off. I cannot seem to figure how to disconnect the drain flange metal tube from the sink. I have taken out the push up drain piece and its only the tube and top of the drain tube.
  3. chumbucket

    Help with double vanity rough-in

    Hi, I started to rough in the plumbing for a single to double vanity conversion on my bathroom remodel. I may have gotten ahead of myself, its come to my attention that I haven't set up my draining/venting properly for this set-up. Looking for some advice to get this setup done correctly...
  4. Alfred

    Double vanity and laundry in 2" PVC

    I am in the process of remodeling a bathroom and would like to add laundry to the same room. The only drain available to me is a 2" line that is currently being used just for the vanities. I would like to add the laundry, be up to code, and not have to replace anything under the slab. I would...
  5. Dgeist

    Venting question while converting from single to double vanity.

    Greetings, all. I'm converting my kids' bathroom from a single to double vanity. The DWV stack is CI in the left corner of the room. Above is vent to roof only. The current lav drain is centered in the wall and is 1.5" copper soldered to a 1.25" brass trap at the fixture drain. The wier is JUST...
  6. zep

    Ineffective snake, solvents, everything.

    Hi people. I should probably lurk more, but this is driving me insane and it's not a long trip. I have an issue similar to (at least I think so), 2nd floor bathroom vanity...
  7. Tim222

    Do these old stub pipes typically have a set screw or just use a caulk seal

    Late 1940s/early 1950s vanity drain pipe. The metal nut that connects to the trap has corroded and crumbled to dust, so I need to replace the drain pipe. But it won't budge in the stub that comes up out of the tiled floor. The former owners tiled over tile, so I don't know if there's a set...
  8. John McC

    Double sink drain piping

    Hello, I am doing a full remodel of my bathroom (down to the studs) and will be replacing the existing single-sink vanity with a double vanity. I am proposing to pipe the drain as shown in the attached image but I am not sure about how to properly vent it. I've been searching for similar...
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