1. Jag_Man653

    How to diagnose Rain Bird valve problem

    The flow to one of my Rain Bird controlled yard irrigation flow paths continues to flow once it's turned on by the Rain Bird control box. If I disconnect the the wire at the control box, there is no flow. That's what I've done to keep it from running 24-7. What is the most likely cause? Should...
  2. Bass

    Gate valves leaking due to solder/tinning flux

    I just built an outdoor shower using gate valves to control the flow at each point (hot/cold/shower head/foot hose) and they all seem to have a very slight leak. I think the trouble with the deal is that some solder or tinning flux must have gotten into the area where the gate sits keeping it...
  3. saritansamay

    ACCOR flowtite valves

    Hello, I know the reputation these valves have and they should be replaced. I wanted to know if they are closed can the pressure cause these to leak where you pull the valve? It is a very slow drip. Here is a little back story. Last week my bathroom developed a smell. The only way I can...
  4. Jay Beth

    Easy Answer: Water Flow?

    I want water to flow in two different directions, all from one source, kind of like a T-type ball valve. However, I don't want to spend excess money on T-type ball valves that have the ability to alter water flow by the handle. Instead, what I would like specifically is a pipe/tube fitting that...
  5. Johnny

    Sink Draining / Water Pressure / Bathroom Sink

    Hello! Need help with a bathroom sink. It was clogged really bad and I was able to unclog it. Even when unclogged the water still fills up the sink faster than it can drain. The water pressure is very good. The sink seems to be draining well, but it's just too much water for the size of the...
  6. Masonb09

    Multiple Zones on 1 Valve

    Good morning, first time posting here. So I have been having some issues with my Weathermatic irrigation system. I noticed my sprinklers in the back yard were not coming on, as well as my MVP solenoid was broke (MVP box had the manual lever set to on, no wire nuts or waterproofing, and it was...
  7. Veronica Erickson

    Bath tub has no water. Help!

    We live in northeast Indiana. We recently purchased our first home (yesterday). Last night we were too tired to do anything but sleep. Tonight my husband tried to take a shower & found the water not on to the tub. ?? Water is working for kitchen & bathroom sinks & toilet runs. Help! We'd love to...
  8. Summer Robinson

    HELP DIY cannon

    I'm trying to build multiple confetti cannons for a gender reveal, and need help with the release. I am familiar with using ball valves, but in this situation I will be the only one with the cannons at lift off and need advice on how to devise a way of turning multiple at once. I have explored...
  9. jimbeau

    Brass and other metal valves lubricant

    I sprayed all the assorted hot and cold water valves in my basement's metal pipes with WD-40, not realizing WD stands for water displacement and that may not be the best thing to use, since it does not leave a lasting lubrication on the valve seals. My intention is to just keep the valves in tip...
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