1. JonBodd

    Wet venting through a stack under UPC

    In the picture below, can the tub/shower and toilet be wet vented through the vanity drain after entering the stack? This is under UPC in CT. Thanks!
  2. S

    1” or 1.25” valve - conflicting info.

    Hi, the water line in my house is 1.25” after the pressure regulator (Larger from the street). For what it’s worth, the water heater is 1”. The house has 4.5 bathrooms. 2 people unless we have guest. I’m planning to buy go with a clack softener. My understanding from UPC is that I should use a...
  3. TheOverThinker

    Maximum slope for sewer -- handling a vertical step or drop under CPC/UPC

    I'm trying to find in the UPC the right section to deal with a step or drop in a standard 4" sewer line, where the usual 1/4" per foot can't be maintained. I'm aware that making the entire line sloped steeper can cause problems with solids, but that a drop can solve the problem. What's the...
  4. Brian Nagy

    Is this DWV plan compliant with UPC?

  5. Brian Nagy

    Draining bathroom group into one vertical stack (UPC)

    I'm converting a small home office space in my house into a second bathroom for my mom. There's only one configuration possible for the fixtures in the space and only one non-structural partition wall through which I can run a 2" vent up from the crawlspace. The 3" building drain runs...
  6. James Borjas

    Are my DWV vents adequate for a new bathroom install

    Hi all, hope everything is going well. This is in WA state. I am adding a 9' x 3' full bathroom and stacked washer/dryer to a finished space above the garage. I have attached the layout of the space and my proposed plan for waste lines and vents. Is the venting I have adequate (or...
  7. Dylan B

    Wet Vent question for slab foundation

    Two questions. If I’m using 3” for toilet run and 3” vent run, what is the longest run trap to vent for that toilet? 2nd question. Can a lavatory 2.5” run into the 3” toilet run before it connects to wet vent? I have tried to outline this in the diagram. Appreciate all the help, this has me...
  8. MNeeseSpokane

    Double Vanity Alternative Rough In Layout

    Hello, this forum has been exceedingly helpful for me. One question I have as I rough in a basement bathroom, is whether the following double vanity rough in layout is acceptable. I drew my understanding of the traditional layout that I would prefer (Option A), but due to the space constraint...
  9. flub1dub

    Wet Vent - Configuration A or B?

    I am grateful for your consideration. Is configuration A or B compliant with the UPC? I'm pretty sure A is but have doubts on B. If both are compliant, which would you prefer? Thanks!
  10. 3h4life

    12 ft horizontal vent pipe in attic for toilet?

    Hi, I have a 1-story, 2 bathroom home where originally my master bathroom and guest bathroom toilets were facing back to back with a shared double sanitary tee connection and 2" vertical vent pipe to the roof. Now I have relocated my master bathroom toilet approximately 12 ft away and my...
  11. Pdhawaii

    UPC Code back to back bathroom renovation

    Been looking through the forums a lot, and hoping to get some help and opinions. In Hawaii under the UPC. I have a remodel planned to add a shower to a small bathroom. This will require reorganizing the fixtures, because both bathrooms are very small. The plumbing setup currently is pretty...
  12. Cody Lohse

    Attic full bath with wet vent - UPC

    Hello, This form is awesome so thanks for that. I am remodeling my 1938 1 1/2 story in MN and adding a bathroom with a Lav, WC and Shower. I've been going around in circles trying to get the plumbing for this bath figured out. I finally might have a solution but wanted to get some feedback if...
  13. hammerpocket

    Unvented combo washer-dryer in MN?

    A plumber suggested to me today that a "Euro style" unvented combination washer-dryer might not meet code under Minnesota's amended UPC. Can anyone confirm whether the UPC or specifically MN code disallows such appliances?
  14. Jeff in Seattle

    UPC 1/4 Bend Versus Long Sweep Horizontal to Horizontal

    Hello, I own a home in Seattle (which uses the UPC) built in 1991. I bought this home from the original owner who had the house built. I am currently remodeling my master bathroom. While working below in my garage under the master, after opening up a ceiling rafter bay, I spied a 2" ABS...
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