tankless water heater

  1. K

    How does my rough in look? (Washer/Dryer + Tankless W/H)

    Hello all, I am DIY renovating (and call in the pros when I can’t) my old house in the countryside and am going to relocate the washing machine/dryer from the cellar to a new closet on the 1st floor. Simultaneously, I am switching from a LP tank water heater to a LP tankless water heater...
  2. Smatz

    Rheem Tankless Water Heater Leak *UPDATE*

    I have a Rheem CRTGH-95DVLN natural gas tankless water heater. I found a leak on the copper pipe leading into the heat exchanger (unsure if that is the correct terminology) The leak is specifically at the external copper pipe outside the exchanger and what looks to be a temperature sensor. I...
  3. D

    Drawing hot water in wash machine trips tankless heater breaker

    Issue started with new LG washing machine Can run 3 sinks and a shower at full hot with no issue but when washer draws hot it trips the first breaker on tankless water heater. Heater is two double pole 40 amp breaker. Heater operates "as normal" even after first element is tripped. Thanks...
  4. L

    Low water pressure after a freeze

    Hi all, I have a Nevian NPE-240A NG with a recirculating line. We recently had a freeze and despite turning my water off and draining my pipes and water heater the plastic part of the pump housing cracked in the water heater. I replaced the pump and everything is working well except my water...
  5. Jaroob

    Hot Water Even With Cold Valve Fully Open

    Hello all, I am new here so I don't know if this is the best forum thread to post this, so just point me in the right direction if that happens to be the case. My situation is this though. I just installed a new tankless water heater in my home after the old tank style finally bit the dust. In...
  6. Dappropsllc

    Do indoor tankless water heater prone to freeze?

    For indoor tankless waler heater, does it need insulation?
  7. BetaNavien

    Recirculating water heater takes 15+ secs to get hot water

    We went through a major remodel where a lot of walls came down, plumbing was redone in multiple locations, new PEX was run almost everywhere. We asked for recirculation for instant hot water and have a recirculating water heater Navian npe-240a2. Shower is about 30 feet from the water heater...
  8. JnTShow

    Help! Puzzled...17.5 yr old Takagi T-K2 shut off, leaking water, shut pipes off and still leaking????

    So, this is probably a coincidence, but we had a large wall mirror replaced in our hallway where the display is mounted. The mirror guy removed the display and since then it shuts off at times and we were able to get it to go back on, by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Prob a...
  9. Rossroto

    Bosch Greentherm T990 SE 199 - Loud Click When Firing

    Hi there - I'm trying to troubleshoot why this Bosch Greentherm T990 SE 199 is making a loud click/clunk noise when firing. Here's a video with the noise. Is this being caused by a defective/obstructed valve? Someone on reddit suggested it could be a water adjustment valve and also suggested...
  10. Izabella

    "Point of Use" or "Whole House Tankless"?

    I am renovating a new one bedroom, one bathroom home. It is 900 square feet in size, so space is at a premium. It means we won't be able to use the conventional big tank heater. Because we don't have gas, we'll need electricity ...and one Whole House Tankless or three Point of Use heaters in the...
  11. Benjamin

    Navien Recirculation Motion Sensor

    Hello everybody, I thought I’d share with you all how my hot water recirculation project is going. For the water heater I have a Navien-240A. For accessories I got the Hotbutton kit and two Navicirc thermal bypass valves. I set DIP switch #2 “ON” for external recirculation. I set Perameter...
  12. Grayson Everett

    Tankless water heater repairs

    Our ESI2000 is only 3 years old but is not working properly. We can get hot water in a sink, but not the tub and the temp. Setting is at 120. It also doesn't balance at all if a second faucet anywhere in the house is turned on. The company is out of business and we can't find anyone willing to...
  13. Brian80

    Tankless water pressure questions

    I had a Navien NPE-240A installed a few weeks ago. It replaced an 11 year old 40 gallon storage tank that could not handle peak demand (4 adults, 2 kids all showering in the evening). I was taking lukewarm showers on a regular basis, sometimes even cold showers... It's working well and...
  14. Jessi Conran

    Trouble getting hot water to far side of hotel....

    Hello everyone! I am looking for some advice on how to possibly fix a hot water problem in my 80 room hotel. It was built in 2017 and has 7 tankless hot water heaters. They were installed on the west wall of the hotel (vs in the middle) and we have consistent trouble with getting hot water in...
  15. Nes3p

    Tankless Water Heater ruining appliances and clogging pipes!

    Hello. We installed an electric tankless water heater a couple of years back. Ever since, we have had to occasionally take the hose off the back of the washing machine (stops getting hot water to it) and clean it out as it has become clogged with sediment/scales or whatever it is . Our shower...
  16. joshpacker

    Gas piping install looks fishy

    Any plumbers want to comment on the gas piping that was installed by my hvac guys to install a tankless water heater? I have a few concerns. And yes I should have inspected their work more thoroughly before they left. To start it looks like I have at least a 1 inch pipe running to my meter...
  17. Dradam

    Calibrating Navien NPE240A

    When my Navien NPE 2401 tankless water heater is set to 120 degrees F I get 115 degrees at my farthest fixture. Set at 125 degrees I get 120 F at my farthest fixture. It there a way to calibreate the temp on these units-- I see nothing in the Manuals. Thanks
  18. antonvk

    Can I use tankless water heater solely for radiant floor heating in Onario?

    Good morning, I live in southern Ontario. One bathroom in my house, while has forced air supply, doesn't get enough heat (it is the farthest room from the furnace, and it only has a small duct, because there is no space in the crawl space walls to get the main duct that far). The room is 200 sq...
  19. Stevie Vermunt

    Tankless heater/Well Water?

    Hi there! I have a couple questions but Ill explain myself first. We have well water and it has methane in it from being in the badlands as well as fracking in the area I've heard? The well water is soft, and has high bicarbonate in it. Will a tankless be okay with this type of water? I wonder...
  20. TeaDrinker42

    ELM AquaStar 125VP

    Hi everyone. After years of reliable use, the burners aren't staying lit after turning on the hot water. They come on for a few seconds and then turn off. So far to troubleshoot, I've cleaned the pilot light assembly, checked the thermostatic sensor to make sure it was clean, checked the cold...
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